4 September 2006

Quiet long weekend.

This is my lovely daughter. She won't have to look at her father this way anymore. We just moved her into her first big girl apartment on Saturday. Oh, it's so wonderfully quiet this Labour Day weekend.

So alot has been accomplished. The house has been cleaned, the roast is on the BBQ, all the animals are napping, and blogger is being incredibly slow. Looks like poor Russell is wondering when his girl is coming back.

So onto knitting. I am making some progress with Shelagh cardigan. I have just got past the armholes and the sleeves are on holders. I love doing top downs. Less sewing.

Miss P needs some fall cardigans, so this gramma dug into her stash and found 6 balls of Crystal Palace chenille that I had bought on ebay awhile ago. It showed the yarn as a kit, but didn't come with the pattern. So I'm making my own version , no bobbles. I'm using a pattern from the Miss Bea series by Louisa Harding, and changing the colours from memory. Hope It works.

I had a surprise visit from my next door neighbors on Thursday. One young lady is 13 and the other is 8. They asked if I could teach them how to knit. I was a little nervous, but everything is going great. They are really doing quite well, and haven't lost interest yet. So I guess I'm doing okay. Once they finish their garter stitch scarves, it's on to purling. Julie told my to check Melanie Falick's book Kids Knitting. It's fantastic, and has lots of kid friendly patterns.
Tomorrow night is guild night, then off to the Knitters Fair on Saturday. Whoo Hoo!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Great work on your Shelagh! Please send a photo for The Garter Belt Gallery when you finish!

Deb said...

Oh oh- my Annie looks at Daddy that way- and she is ONLY 8!!!! Nice work on the sweaters!

Samantha said...

The sweater for Pee is going to be adorable. :)

Yay Valerie!! :) I'll bet you and the mister are ever so happy to have a whole extra room for yourselves in the house. A yarn stash room, perhaps?!?!

Wannietta said...

lol - and they wonder why we love them better after they're asleep!!

The sweaters look great.