31 August 2007

Multi-directional anyone.......

I just finished the multi-directional scarf (free pattern) for Julie , just in time for the Knitter's Fair next Friday. This one was quick and a lot of fun.

The colours are gorgeous. Yarn is Trendsetter Tonalita , 4 balls, and 5.5mm needles.

And it's nice having a live model too. "Gosh she looks so much like her mother!"

25 August 2007

Another project finished.....

There's something to be said about having a real live model, but here it goes anyway.

Pattern: "Pike" free from Berrocco

Yarn: Peruvia 100% highland wool from Berrocco, 5 skeins

Needles: 6mm (10 US)

All in all, the pattern knit up pretty fast. No sleeves to deal with. The yarn is lovely to work with and blocked beautifully. You have to pay attention to the way it's sewn together. It's different than normal contruction.

It's not my cup of tea (fashion wise), but hey, I just have to knit it not wear it. So I'm off to deliver it to Julie and pick up Miss "P". Maybe she'll let me get some knitting done this weekend.

23 August 2007

...laughing hysterically!

I just read the funniest entry on Brenda Dane's site. Check it out and grab a badge.
I think there's a couple there for me.

16 August 2007

...and let the games begin!

It was like a wild feeding frenzy!Women everywhere, men waiting patiently by their cars. Skeins of yarn flying wildly all around.
I got to meet Wannietta and Amanda, finally.
I think I did pretty well. I see some felting in my future. And a poncho for Miss "P".
I told Mr. "D", "She who dies with the most stash wins!" (He's always used that phrase about fishing tackle.)
Gosh I'm exhausted. I need to lie down.

6 August 2007

...love long weekends!

There's just something sweet about having an extra day off. Waking up on Monday morning at 8am to a quiet house (man and dog gone fishing), having breakfast in your jammies on the back deck, listening to the neighbors parrot whistling one line to "Oh Canada" over and over again.

Having the laundry done and the bathroom cleaned previously, I knit and I knit and I knit!
I did stop for half an hour to rest my hand and cleaned out the oven. (One more dirty job done)

Mr "D's first sock is done. It's mostly worked on in the car while he drives so it's slow going. But I have found at least a dozen other patterns I'm dying to start so I'd like to get this one done.

Miss "P" and I went to "Julie's house" on Friday to pick up a new project for the store, but I didn't get much done on it while she was here. I made up for that on Sunday, the back is done and I started one front today.

Pattern and yarn are from Berroco and I'll post the details when it's finished.
Looks like MS3 will be on hold for a little while.