31 August 2006

Midweek Day Off!

This is the way my Wednesday off of work went!

She ate more chocolate chips than she put in the cookies.

This is after a hard day of play at the park and a good supper and it's time to go home.

I won't show you the picture of Gramma after a hard day at the park and a full day of Miss P.

A non-knitting Gramma is a tired cranky Gramma!


Samantha said...

Yum! Cookies! Are you going to save any of those for me?

Chelle said...

What a sweetie, your granddaughter is beautiful!

Rhonda said...

But what a fun memorable day! She's a cutie and I bet you she'll think of all the times she's had with you for years to come. I KNOW I think alot about mine. Boy do I love the time I had with Grammy Henny!

Kimberly said...

Oh she's so cute-I understand the eat more than you bake concept, I think she's grabbed that from me. :)