10 September 2006

Knitter's Fair Loot!

With so much stash in my wool room to knit, I decided to look for something different. A lot of the vendors were selling the same things as last year, so the hunt was on.

Alot of the
Fiddlesticks Knitting patterns were the same as last year but I did find this one, and I'm sure I have some stash in my room for it.

I picked up 7 skeins of
Shelridge Farms Wool-Cotton DK for a sweater I've already knit about 3 years ago, but it's one of my favorites and getting quite worn out.

This is a lovely shawl pattern from Sweaterkits. It's hand-dyed silk yarn. I knit a tank top from this yarn about 2 years ago and love it so much, I thought a shawl to throw over my shoulders on cool nights would be a nice change instead of my bathrobe.

And last but not least, the colours in this yarn caught my eye as I was walking by. It's a shawl pattern from Apple Laine, and the yarn is a wool and silk blend.

And after all is said and done, I think I did okay and I didn't break the bank.
So now I'm off to knit like a mad woman and finish the knits on my needles, then I can get into the new stuff.


Wannietta said...

Nice haul Rhonda!!! I'm fighting the natural tendency towards jealousy and am winning. I can't wait to see what you work up first ... no pressure. lol

Rhonda said...

Oh Wow ... great haul indeed. You're sure ambitious! I'd love a shawl too but oh dear, my time is short ...