24 March 2009

I love Tuesday....

I know, I haven't blogged for a bit, but I've been busy.

First: I had to start another pair of cat mittens for my daughters friend. A retirement gift.
(one day she'll stop asking me and do it herself)
Second: I delivered Julie's last project and picked up another. I love this Bamboo. Very silky!
Third: While I was delivering said project, I had to get one for myself. Julie has this gorgeous
cardigan in the store in just my colours, and it found it's way home with me.

Funny how that happens. Sorry Julie, but I had to start it. It was staring me down.
So back to business, knitting all evening with Bond, James Bond!!

17 March 2009

13 March 2009

#3 done...

I have the day off so I'm finishing up projects.
#3 for Julie is done, and though I can't say I enjoyed this one so much, it was an interesting knit. I turned this.....into this!
Pattern: Trapeze Tank sz small

Yarn: Maya / Tahki Yarns 4--50g skeins
Needles: 8mm

My only recommendations are to knit this on straight needles. I started it with circs but ripped and started over. I found with the large slubs of yarn, it was to hard to get an even tension.
Then everything was smooth sailing.
Except for photographing! Someone always has to interfere.

7 March 2009

Julie's House...

Julie's house is a dangerous place to go!!!!

I just traded in my 4-door sedan....

for a new Cadillac!!!I'll let you know how they ride.

3 March 2009

#2 done...

This one was a complete pleasure to knit. I even love the colourway.

Pattern: Fitted Tank--by Alison Williams for Blue Sky Alpacas
Yarn: Lang Yarns Panarea 5--50g ball for the medium size colour 62
Needles: 5.5mm (9US)
Gorgeous ribbon yarn.

I think the pictures say it all.