30 December 2008

Knitterly gifts and such...

A lovely pair of dog walking gloves in a light blue angora. Knit by my daughter. I'm in shock that she actually knit with 4 needles in the round, she must have been desperate with no money to spare. But I'm totally impressed that she actually made fingers instead of mitts, there may be some hope for her yet.Next, from my faithful sidekick and walking partner, Ladydog, Franklin Habit's new book. She told me there's another book coming but it's on back order and I'll just have to wait for the surprise. I really have to keep her away from the computer and Amazon.

And from Julie, (which was a total surprise, because I told Mr D. this was what he was getting me) is the new Buddy Case from Namaste to match my bag. I just realised today when I was taking the picture that it's magnetized and it holds my metal thingys. Thank-you Julie!
And lastly, a gift to myself. I have been coveting this pattern for a long time and finally decided to treat myself. So Miss "P" and I went to Julie's and bought 3 skeins. I should have done it sooner. I love it.
Pattern: Aibhlinn from Knitty
Yarn: Dream in Colour Classy, 2 skeins, Some Summer Sky
Needles: 4.5mm
Lovely, lovely pattern, and I even knit the bobbles! (which I hate doing)
The only thing I did different was making it 20" long instead of 24".
Wait till you see what I knit with the 3rd skein!!!

27 December 2008


Well now that the big day has come and gone, I can finally show you the mittens I made for my daughter. She requested them, and I of course replied "Sure, I'll put that on my list!" They've been done for weeks, and hidden very well. I think I actually surprised her.

I think if I ever make these again, I will use a little heavier yarn. I found them a little narrow for the average hand, but my daughter's hands are quite slim, so they're okay. I'd also make a longer cuff. But all in all they were a lot of fun to knit.
Pattern: Cat Mittens by Jorid Linvik
Needles: 2.75mm
Yarn: Regia Sock (black), Marion's Sock Yarn (pink) 1 skein of each
As you can see Mr. Tibbs thinks they're modeled after him. He can't keep his nose out of anything.

This also inspired me to buy this book. Oh am I gonna' have a lot of fun with this one. (As soon as I find some more time. I'll have to add that to my list!)
I'll post my knitterly gifts I recieved for Christmas later, as soon as I take some pictures, but right now I'm back to working on the Winter coat for Leslie (I'm actually making some progress), and I have a new project to start from Julie.

25 December 2008

Merry Christmas to all.....

We celebrated Christmas last night, so my children could visit their significant others today. So I have a this whole day to laze around in my new jammies and watch movies and knit, knit, knit.

Merry Christmas to all!

19 December 2008

Turn that frown upsidedown...

I LOVE my 4WD!!!!!

I got half my mail delivered before I called it quits. It just got too dangerous. You can't even see where your feet are landing. Not to mention people getting stuck everywhere and getting in my way. Oh... and I lost my truck and house keys somewhere on my route which will be buried under a good foot of snow.....SOMEWHERE!!!!!!

But now I'm home safe and warming up.
This day calls for some homemade soup, bad kitties

and lots knitting.....

Stay warm!!!!

14 December 2008

Feed me Seymore...

Rowan's hat is finished. Except she just wants to eat it. She wants to eat everything!

Pattern: Dalegarn #114 Hyasint
Yarn: Baby Ull 1- 50g ball
Needles: 2mm & 2.5mm

What's not to love.

Cute pattern, soft wool, adorable baby.

8 December 2008


So I've been stuck at home sick all weekend, and that's when all the trouble started. I was surfin' around reading my regular blogs and saw this. Which lead me to this! And then these happened.

It's been kind of a tradition (since the kids were small) that we crafted a new ornament or got something new for the tree each year. But now that they're all grown up, I have to come up with these things on my own. I think they're truly the cutest things ever.

Look at Russell, trying to remind me to get back on track and finish what I've already started.

And big kisses go out to my big girl!!! Happy 5th Birthday Miss "P" you silly goose!

4 December 2008

On a roll....

See, I can do it when everyone leaves me alone!
Miss "P's" new hat...

Pattern: Quick and Easy Helmut ( Patons kids Hip Hop)

Yarn: Nashua Creative Focus Superwash 2--50g balls

Needles: 6.5mm

You knit this hat with 2 strands of yarn and does it knit fast. I have two more balls, 1 periwinkle and 1 lime to match her snowsuit. But first I have to make a hat for RoBo baby.

I think I need a live model.

2 December 2008

Off the needles...

Back to our regularly scheduled knitting....
Texture Pullover:

Pattern: Texture Pullover Tahki Yarns Terra Collection Fall/Winter 2008

Yarn: Montana 100% unprocessed wool roving 4-5 balls depending if you make the right size.

Needles: 10mm

Although this was not my favorite project to knit, it was a very quick knit. If you're looking for a quick project before Christmas, this might be the ticket. There's also some other quick projects in the book too.Julie has it all at the store!