30 June 2007

...all is revealed

The secret undercover project is done! I couldn't post it because it was for Samantha's shower, which is today. Hopefully she'll be too busy to peak this morning.I love this pattern. Purchased from Marie Grace Designs. It starts at the center on four needles and eventually change to circulars. You knit around in a circle and end up with a square This is such a great idea. Think of the possibilities.

And just perfect for little toes... little camouflage socks!
Now back to finish Na Craga!

20 June 2007

Not another one.............

Just what this girl needed............a little sheep butt!

A present from my lovely daughter (who has no self-control).

I'm on the last sleeve of Na Craga, and started blocking the body.
I did have a little time to order some new books from Amazon, though!

Mr D. had to put in a second book shelf for me. The first one was getting a little full and a couple of the shelves were starting to sag.

Then there's still the unfinished projects... Miss "P's" nightie.

My much needed quilt.

Then I got talked into ordering the yarn for Kauni by Kristin and Renee.

So onward and upward... it is only Wednesday afterall.

16 June 2007

You Are: 10% Dog, 90% Cat

You are are almost exactly like a cat.

You're intelligent, independent, and set on getting your way.

And there's no way you're going to fetch a paper for anyone!

I like the getting my way part. Intelligent is good too!

14 June 2007

Yarn Sale Blog

Destash is now closed up so if you would like to join a new one go to:
and email Sherri and she'll sign you up.
Grab this button, but please host it on your own server.

11 June 2007

one more week...

Well, one more week off and it's back to work. So I'll be knitting up a storm this week (I hope!).
This is what Mr. D has been up to...
The front gardens, walk and stoop are gone. In goes the new framing.
On goes the new cedar...$$$$$$(I could have made a couple of sweaters and some socks for that price)
Stay tuned, we still got alot of digging to do, gardens, walkway, .......... Hey, what happened to just sittin' and knittin'. Oh yeah........

secret undercover project....

5 June 2007


Who doesn't love pink? Summer, lemonade, little girls...... a gift for a friend! The front of Na Craga is done!
And one more iris....
I love being off of work!