27 April 2008

It's done...

Well, I finished the Shannon Pullover last night, after ripping out the collar and redoing it. I definitely found alot of mistakes in the pattern that I don't remember the first time I made this one.
This is the true colour, a beautiful shade of periwinkle. 100% Alpaca, I used approximately 545gms. I think there's about 250 meters per 100gms.

There were too many stitches on the collar, and the pattern said to use the larger needle. That just made it too floppy and looked terrible. So I decreased about 12 stitches and used the smaller needle and now it's perfect.

I put in side vents, a suggestion from the customer, and I really like them. I reversed the pattern on the bottom and the sides of the sleeves, just because I like the reverse better.The cable work was quite easy, but unfortunately the seed stitch panels are lost in the alpaca. I'm sure they would show up in a smoother yarn. Edit to add: I just heard from Leslie and the farm is just moving around the corner. NOT out of business!! Whoo-hoo!!!

24 April 2008

I'm bad too....

Well, I guess I've been a slacker where blogging is concerned, but I just haven't had much to report on.
I have all the pieces for the Shannon Cardigan blocked and ready to sew together and knit the collar,(which won't take long), but I just haven't been in the mood. I just found out that the farm for which I'm knitting it for, is up for sale and she's selling everything. So I'm not sure if I'll be getting paid or if I've just gained a sweater and a big bag of alpaca yarn.
So I started my first baby knit for a friend, his first grandson. One of my favorites, the Button cardigan from Cabin Fever. It's moving along nicely, and I'm almost at the point where I start the sleeves. Still knitting from my stash.My other project is getting close to finished too. My Tuscany shawl from No Sheep for You. I've just been working on this in the car, and I can't believe how much I've got done on it. Only 2 more pattern repeats left to go. Stash yarn, Whoo-hoo!
And what the hell is with the Knitter's Summer issue. I have been so disappointed with the last couple of years that I won't be renewing my subscription. I've been a loyal patron pretty much from the beginning, but the designs are really lacking. The only patterns I actually got excited about were in the advertising.
Sooooo long Knitter's.

7 April 2008

OH no....

Not one but two. I blew two holes in my favorite Cherry Tree Hill socks. Can you hear my crying?Don't have to buy this dog expensive toys.....plastic water jug...99 cents!We took her down to the lake last night for a walk....you can lead a dog to water, but you can't keep her out of it.
Mr Tibbs and his first spring bug. I am knitting, really I am!

3 April 2008

Swan Lake? or maybe field.......

I had to share these pictures. We were driving around last Sunday and saw several fields of Tundra swans....on their way back north. What an awesome site.

2 April 2008