30 April 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah...

Not a very exciting weekend for me. I did go to the Julie's store with my daughter so she could get more yarn for the "boyfriend sweater". (The first one was not big enough,and guess who gets to sew it together.) So now on to Sweater II.
I did get the new collar done on the Aran cardigan, and I'm still deciding on what to make with the rest of the leftovers. There's about 500 yards.
Sunday was spent cleaning floors, doin' laundry and playing with that dumb dog.
My new issue of Sandra Knitting Magazine arrived.
All I want to do is knit and she justs wants to chase ball, and she just won't quit.
This is the "LOOK"!
This is what I get when I ignore her!

Then a visitor arrived. Did I say how much I love my new camera!

Do you think he was looking for love in all the wrong places?

And a big shout out to Alisha! Thanks for the tip about the music on the blog.

22 April 2007

Warning....picture heavy

What a weekend.
First I went to the Alpaca farm to pick up the aran sweater so I can change the collar. Then a BBQ with Miss "P" and family. Not much knitting getting done.
Jenn and I talked about knitting but nothing was knit.

Saturday morning came and my daughter and I were off to The Needle Emporium to pick up Julie's bag so I could make a lining for it.
I managed to take a couple of pictures of the store, but got so carried away with touching everything and trying to decide what to buy, that I only took 2.
I'm sure you can understand my dilemma. Check that white cardigan out on the right side.
Fall project, perhaps?

Then Roko and Melo came out for a belly rub. How could we resist? I'm a sucker for a furry face.

I did show some restraint though, and only came home with one bag of yarn.
This morning it was Mr D's day, so off we went to Bass Pro shop in Vaughn. Can you hear the excitement in my voice?

You know your in trouble when you see a giant fish on the roof and a lot of men in camouflage.

So I took along my bag'0'goodies from Julie's and got a lot done. It's a new shawl pattern from Naturally, using Dawn 50% wool and 50% silk. I'm even trying out the new Addi lace needles. They are certainly living up to their reputation.
Notice the package says "Knit faster". There's nothing quite like travelling knitting.

We had a doggie pit stop somewhere around Elora, and found this old train. I tried out the zoom on my new camera. Did I mention I love barns!

Then it was back home to finish up Julie's bag.

All ready for the Knitter's Frolic this weekend.
I think I might need another day off, this girl is worn out.

18 April 2007

National Sheep Day?

I think there should be a National Sheep Day!
This is for you Rhonda!

Check out the wolf in the middle of the herd.

But wait there's more.....

I know I missed a couple in the front room, and maybe some buried in Miss "P"'s toy box.
Honestly, I didn't start this.

So show us your SHEEP!

17 April 2007

Just when you think...

...it's safe to start something new, the alpaca lady calls and wants to know if it's too much trouble to re knit the collar on the Aran sweater. Now she has decided she would like the larger rolled collar. I'm starting to think "What did I get myself into?"

So I'll be picking it back up this week and tinking the collar and knitting on the new one.

In the meantime I finished another pair of Fetching for her in the chocolate brown alpaca.

There's not enough in the skein for 2 pair so I'm thinking about doing some baby mitts.

With the beige alpaca I knit a baby hat from the book Knitting for Baby. The pattern is a mini mock cable rib and it went quite quickly. There's also a pattern for some baby booties I think I'll do next.

I bought myself a treat this week, just because I deserve it. It was time I upgraded my camera, and boy do I have a lot to learn with this one. Hopefully I'll have fewer fuzzy pictures when I figure it out.

11 April 2007

Moving right along...

Easter was successful. Mr Bunny left lots of goodies and Miss "P" and I made a few treats.

It's amazing how licking the beaters never goes out of style....
my daughter and friend about 20 years ago.

The Alpaca Aran is done for Shear Comfort. I'll deliver it Saturday.

And there was still lots left so I made a pair of Fetching. I only modified the pattern by lengthening the top by adding in another cabled row before casting off. I found they were a bit short and curled back too much, so by doing the cable row again it tightened them up and and they didn't look loose and sloppy.

I've started another pair in dark brown alpaca.

7 April 2007

When the dog's away......

the cats will play!

I'm on the cap of the second sleeve then onto the home stretch!
Nothing quite like a 4 day weekend to get things done.
Happy Easter!

4 April 2007

A date with destiny...

I been trying so hard to catch up on my knitting but I'm still coming down off my high.
Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society was coming to Toronto this past Friday night. We wanted to get tickets but guess what?, SOLD OUT!
What's a girl to do? I have admired this man's music for a few years now and would have gone to see him in a minute. So after a little crying in my beer and feeling sorry for myself, my daughter tells me there's a contest on the radio to go see Zakk at an undisclosed location in Hamilton for a meet and greet. All you have to do is guess the 5 snippits of songs. You know the kind, you can hum the tune, you know the song, it's on the tip of your tongue, but you just can't spit it out.
I had 2 of them right away, I got my son involved (he's a big Zakk fan)he got 2 more, all we needed was the last one. Next, my daughter's boyfriend (biggest Zakk fan of all time), he knew it but couldn't spit it out.
So I loaded up im mp3 with every album and was on a quest to find the last song.
"Crazy or High". I should have known that.
Now we just need each one of us to enter. 4 chances to win.
I entered right away, my son forgot, the boyfriend forgot, and my daughter remembered 5 minutes before the contest closed.
Now we wait. No call back. I'm ready to cry. How can he be so close but yet so far?
My daughter leaves it to the last minute and she WINS!!!!!!
Fortunately my daughter is not a big fan, so I got to go with her boyfriend.
So off we went the next day to a church of all places turned into a recording studio. It was broadcast live, only 10 winners with 1 guest each, and some radio personallities.
This was better than any concert. Up close and personal with Zakk Wylde!

After his performance we were allowed to meet him one on one and have one item autographed !

Thanks Dave, it was the best afternoon a mom could have!

Now on to knitting news.......

my Dublin Bay socks are done.
Yarn: Socks that Rock (Scottish Highland colourway)
Needles: 2.5mm bamboos
The only modification I made was cutting the pattern down to 60 sts which was very easy to do.
I have read on a few blogs lately about the STR felting in the machine so it was suggested to me to knit up a swatch and throw it in the washer and test it first. It might just be handwashing for this pair.
Also I joined a web ring if any one else is interested:
Knitting in Ontario. Why not sign up!

Also I have signed up for the Six_Sox Knitalong. One pair of socks every 2 months with some great looking patterns.
Check out I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can for details!
Now back to that darn Aran!