21 February 2006

Oh My God!

I just got my new Interweave Knits in the mail yesterday and found a few wonderful patterns in this issue. I have been a little disappointed in my magazines lately, it just seems like the patterns have been leaning towards all the new knitters. That is all good and I like to see new knitters encouraged but it seemed like they were forgetting us knitters that have been around for awhile and need something a little more challenging.

Then I turned the magazine over and I just about fell off the couch. This sweater is so me.
I have to have this pattern. Looks like I may have to make another trip to Julie's this week. It is in the Classic Elite Spring Issue 2006 , Boathouse.
Looks like this may be my next project. I think I already have some yarn in my stash just sitting there waiting for the right pattern. It's a good thing no one can see me sitting here drooling over this one.

13 February 2006

Olympic Challenge

Well, everyone is off to a great start. I personally will not be starting something new. I have decided as my personal challenge to finish as many UFO's as possible. I have started with a cardigan for a customer of Julie's. I have almost half the collar done and the other side to do and then sew it up. Pictures will follow when complete.

Then I will go full steam ahead with Julie's plain pullover no matter how unchallenging it will be.

I did allow myself one little treat though. Two new balls of sock yarn to look at till my Jaywalker's are done.

And I had to throw this in just for the cuteness factor!

6 February 2006

No Knitting News

I haven't had much to post lately. I finished the back of Julie's sweater and started the front but it's just stocknette stitch so no need to show a picture.
I have turned the heel of my first jaywalker sock. That's moving slowly also.

Samantha asked to see my stitch markers my daughter made for me so here they are. The one's with the bugs are my favorites.

And lastly my special girl came Thursday for awhile, so again not much knitting got done.