31 January 2013

New Stripes

I've been playing around with stripes again.  These are so much more work than just dyeing skeins of yarn, but I love the result. 
I have it on good authority they should be in the shop tomorrow.
I guess I better go wind some more.

20 January 2013


What's better than socks?    More socks.
Since I got my CSM's  I can't get enough of cranking out socks.  My first intention was cranking out samples of some of our self-striping yarns, but it's actually been great for finally knitting up all the striped yarns in my stash.   I have belonged to a couple of yarn clubs in the past, but lets face it, you can only knit so fast, and my stash is getting out of hand.
I get a little bored with plain old stocknette stitch, so this takes care of that.
There were a few tears at first, there is quite a learning curve.  With the help of some rav friends and a lot of You Tube videos, I progressed.

 Once I got the hang of it there were socks for everybody.

 I'm sure there will be a few more now that I have my ribber running smoothly too.