23 November 2011

A little warmth...

was needed.   I finished my Taygete several weeks ago, and I was instantly in love. This design by Romi has to be one of my favorite knits.  I knew I wanted to do it in our yarn and in one of my favorite bases, Stray Cat.
And as BossCat can tell you I want something in every base in her signature colourway "Misty Highland".
This project would have flew off the needles if I hadn't put it aside to finish other stuff, but alas it took a little longer than expected.

Then one day at work I found out that a very sweet co-worker of mine's sister has been stricken with colon cancer.  She and her sister are very close, and I feel so bad for her to have to go through this.  She has made ribbons in the signature colours of blue and brown to show support, and a light bulb went off. My shawl was blue and brown.  Obviously a sign, I handed her the shawl to give to her sister in hopes it would give a little bit of support and warmth when needed.
This isn't the first time one of my shawls have been passed on, and even though it makes me very happy to pass on a little joy to someone who really needs a hug,  it also makes me a little sad to see it go.
Now I'm off to decide what shawl to make next................

15 November 2011

I'm still here

I haven't been much in the mood to blog lately, with work and dyeing yarn and knitting, and Ravelry, my blog seems to get left on the back burner.  So I'll just do a little catch up this week while I've got a few more days off work.
I finished a few projects up, first up my Lacy Edge Cardi that was sitting in a basket with just the lace bands to do.  BossCat finally lit a fire under my butt and I got it done.
I had a small issue with it once I went to block it.  Like several other ravellers the yarn bled so bad I thought I would loose all the tweedy effect of the yarn.

So I persevered and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, and finally got it blocked and put together.
Wavy Lace Edge Cardigan

I did write to Sirdar and let them know about the yarn, and they told me that sometimes this happens when the yarn is processed.  I'm not sure I trust that because I know about dyeing yarn and yes sometimes you get some bleeding but if it's processed properly and checked and rinsed there should be very little.  I think this batch was missed.  Anyhow they sent my another bag of yarn to replace it. I picked a different colourway and fingers crossed that I don't have the same problem.