26 October 2009

I'm down....

from cloud nine, finally. Now, I can't wait till next year's knit camp.
And getting back to reality, Julie's got me knitting again. Up to bat..... 2 not 1 Ishbel's.
I had planned on making this one for myself, and haven't had the chance so I wasn't going to argue, especially when she showed me the yarn.
Dream in Color "Knitosophy" and Malibrigo Sock. Both my kind of yummy yarns.Miss "P's" cardigan is done and will get blocked tomorrow, and I'm on the hunt for buttons. I'll post pictures when it's totally complete.
I also finished my first sock that I designed in Cookie A.'s class from knit camp, and hope to start #2 soon. Then on to writing the darn thing out.
And I had some company this weekend. My girls are growing up too fast.

And, Wandering Cat Yarns received a shipment of yarn, so Valerie and I'll will be dying up some of our new "Top Cat" MCN this weekend, if all goes well. Stay tuned.

18 October 2009

Cookie A. has left the building.......

I was told "What happens at knit camp, stays at knit camp".
But I had to share these of Cookie A.'s last day. A giant cookie in honor of Cookie.

Check out Julie's blog for other photos, I was too busy having fun.

11 October 2009

I love October....

Yesterday was a full day. We decided to go to Owen Sound to visit the girls. After returning to the house twice in the first 1/2 hour to retrieve stuff Mr. D forgot, we were finally on our way.
First stop, the Apple store to pick up fresh apples for me and Jenn and the girls.
Second stop, to Julie's to drop off Bridgewater she so graciously let me borrow this lovely lady for photos,and I bought myself a little treat.Half-way there, we stopped for a pit stop and Mr. D realized he forgot the dog leash. You can see the pretty new pink one we stopped at the Farm Store for.Then finally on to see the girls...they've only been gone a week and I miss them too much.And this one is turning into quite a little camera ham. She's also picked up a shoe fetish just like the rest of the girls in my life. Do you think it might be in the genes?
I did get a a lot of knitting done in the car, Miss "P" will be pleased with how much I knit on her new sweater. I have a handy little light I can clip on my seat belt so I can knit in the dark while Mr. D drives
One last note, we are having 10% off at the etsy store in honor of Thanksgiving.

6 October 2009

A little late......

but it's done and blocking!This pattern was such a pleasure to knit! I highly recommend it. The edging seemed to take the longest time, but Jared is a genius, everything worked out exactly.
I can only block it half at a time, so I'll take some artsy fartsy shots when it's all done.
Now, I will finish my Monkey socks before I meet Cookie A. and then onto Miss "P"'s cardigan.
Oh, and I might even get around to finishing my cardigan.

4 October 2009

October already?........

Time just seems to be slipping away lately. Only 2 weeks till the Knitting Retreat, and I think I'll have Bridgewater done. Julie asked for pictures....here they are. I've done all my housework for today to I'm back at it. I'm hoping it will be done tonight and blocking tomorrow.
I've had a few interuptions along the way. My 2 girls moved up north so I've been a little distracted and sad lately, and this last edging is very tedious and I've ripped back several times.
I've been spending far too much time on Ravelry lately, mostly in the swap groups, but I've traded several yarns for new ones (maybe I'll actually knit some of them).
And lastly I dyed up the rest of our yarn this week and they are now available in our etsy store.
Introducing Fat Cat DK, 100% superwash merino. Perfect for hats, mitts and even baby items.Even Mr. Tibbs gave his seal of approval.