30 June 2006

Thunder & Lightning!

Only one thing to do when it's thunderin' and lightnin'..........

Knit, knit, and knit some more.

I finished these last night for my friend, just a little extra something for the wee one.

Pattern: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.
Needles: 2 3/4 mm
Yarn: Leftover Dale of Norway Baby Ull

I also received Stephanie's new book for my anniversary from my lovely daughter .
Thank you, Valerie. I read the first page and thought, "this woman is so smart". She thinks like I do.
I also got a few little goodies on e-bay the last few days, but you'll have to wait and see until I decide what I'm making.

Wow, in the time it took me to write this , the storm has moved on and the sun is back out.
Gotta go, knitting is calling me.

28 June 2006

BB #2 done.

I feel like I finally accomplished something. Baby Blanket # 2 is done. Some days it felt like the baby would be a year old before I ever finished it.

Pattern: Vogue Knitting Winter 91/92
by E. Zimmerman & M. Swansen

Yarn: Stylecraft DK 100% acrylic
150g yellow, 250g white

Needles: 4mm-5 1/2mm

I love this pattern! It's great for a beginner knitter and us more seasoned knitters too. It's all done in garter stitch with short rows, and the lace edge is knit back and forth and knit on to the edge of the blanket as you go.
The possibilities are endless. I kept thinking you could do each section a different colour or even knit each triangle in two colours and end up with the pinwheel block.
The only thing I would change is my needle size. I used a 5 1/2mm so it would be drapey and loose but the next one I think I will use a 4 1/2mm.
Highly recommended.
Meg Swansen also goes on to say that if you fold it in half you end up with a useful shawl too.
Smart woman!

Now back to Julie's Aran , and I leave you with dumb dog picture of the day.
And cute cat picture.

26 June 2006

Chicken Fest! EE HA!

Well I didn't get the blanket done, I had a few minor interuptions.
First: Poultry Fest in downtown Smithville on Saturday!

Then trying on SHOES!

Then the BUBBLE blowing contest!

Swim trials.

Out for Sunday morning breakfast and a trip toBass Pro Shop so Grampa could get some gear for his boat.

I did do something for myself though. If you look in my sidebar I have a link for Cast-On,a knitting pod cast, hosted by Brenda Dane. I downloaded all the episodes and put them on my MP3 player and sat on my deck Sunday evening to listen and knit. Very enjoyable, I highly recommend it!

23 June 2006

I got a thore mouf!

Sorry I couldn't make it the tent sale, Julie. Unfortunately I had oral surgery on Wedensday afternoon. And Thursday was kinda of a write off. I'm just a little swollen today, and feeling pretty good. But the best part is I still have some stash that I bought at last year's tent sale, that I haven't used yet, so I'll just have to make do. Poor ME!
So on the knitting front, while recouperating I have finshed the back of the Aran, and starting the front this afternoon.

All I have left is the edging on the 2nd baby blanket, I plan on that being done this weekend. (I'm very determined), and the first Hedera sock is done and the 2nd one started.

My Valerie made me some more lovely stitch markers. Click on the picture for a close up.
And look what the mailman brought. MORE SOCK YARN!

What more could a girl ask for?
So onward and upward, sore mouth or not, knitting will be done.

19 June 2006


From Julie and Samantha !

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Back to Work!

Unfortunately life rears it's ugly head again and it's back to work. The second baby balanket should be done this week(hopefully), and I'm almost done the back of the aran pullover.
I leave you with this:
What's better than a hot dog?

A wet one!

16 June 2006

Great Mornings!

I love mornings when you can sit outside have your tea, listen to the birds, and knit uninterupted.
The boys do their thing, and I do mine.

We had a great day at the Zoo yesterday, and I'm betting somebody slept really well last night!

The rest of the animals are here.

Now it's time to wind some more wool and enjoy my last Friday of vacation.

15 June 2006

No Knit Day.

Today was a Miss P Day. We went out in Grampa's boat and tried out the new life jacket.
We were a little scared, but eventually warmed up to the idea.

I had to show of my stitch markers too! My daughter made them for me.

Tomorrow it's off to theZOO!

12 June 2006

At Last!

Finally, blanket #1 is done. It took a little longer than I thought, but isn't that always the way.

I used leftover Beehive Baby yarn 3 ply with Magic Garden 2 ply and knit with two strands.
Pink, green, yellow and white.

Needles: 5mm
Pattern: Patons Fairytails (old)

I started to crochet the next one, but I did about 3 rows and I just couldn't keep going. There's just something about crocheting that didn't appeal to me , it just didn't look as nice as the knitting. So.............................

Blanket # 2 started. I forgot I had this pattern until last night. It is from Vogue Knitting, Winter 91/92. An article written by Meg Swansen and Elizabeth Zimmerman. The only picture I have is the small photo in the article, so you'll have to wait till it's done to see. It's knit in garter stitch with short rows and a lace edge.

9 June 2006

I'm a Lucky Dog!

Well, 4 days into the vacation and I'm still working on the Pram cover. Only 10 more inches! Seems like it should be going alot faster.
Whenever we have to go somewhere this week I work on the Hedera sock ( one is almost finished) in the car.
And in the evenings in front of the television I'm working on Julie's sweater .

You would think my knitting would go a little faster when I don't have to go to work everyday, but it's not.

One new project is getting done though, Lady is getting a new dog house.
And look, it looks like Mr. D's workshop! The man is a genius.

Lady says"My name should have been Lucky"

Tomorrow we're off to Kingston for a day of fishing. Hmm, how much knitting can I get done on the way there and the way back? Maybe a little in the boat too. Maybe that Pram Cover will get done!

5 June 2006

Hooligan Holiday!

So, my thoughts for my first day of vacation.
1. Sleep in!
2. Morning cup of tea on the back deck.
3. Knit, knit, and maybe some more knitting.

But that was just a dream.

1. Husband and dog waking me up a 6:00 am.
2. Morning cup of tea in a travel mug.
3. Trying to knit a sock in the boat while trolling down the river and waiting for the fish to bite.

I did have a nice week-end. My daughter found a
bead store in St.Catherines she wanted to
check out and also found out that they have a
yarn shop 4 doors down. It was quite nice but I just couldn't bring myself to buy something because I have so much sitting in my room waiting. And besides, Julie's "Tent Sale" is in a couple of weeks.

Miss P stayed for our Saturday Night Special (mommy usually works Sunday, and daddy needs to sleep cause he goes in on nights Sunday). She was such a good girl, we went shopping for a life jacket so we can go in the boat fishin', and she went to my parents to visit the sheep and chickens.
I' I'm off to start the BBQ, it's too nice out to cook inside.