24 March 2012

My new obsession...

Several months ago I took a chance on an ebay auction and won.  I had no idea if I could get this to work but I just knew I had to give it a try. 
With some great advice from a friend in the know (the lady I bought my first CSM from) Mr "D" and I took this piece of history apart and started to clean it.

It was quite an experience and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.  We found brass rings under the surface rust, pretty shiny steel and remnants of gold stenciling.
We had no issues putting it back together because we took pictures of each step and of course Mr "D" knows machinery.
This is what we ended up with and "Winnie" is now purring like a well oiled sock machine.

I think these are my favorite parts, the patent dates.

6 March 2012

March already....

Time is flying by way too fast, but don't get me wrong, I won't miss winter, even if it's been a good one.
I finished up my Honey Cowl this weekend.  I have to say I love this yarn. It's soft, and squishy and knits like butter.

Pattern:  Honey Cowl by Madeline Tosh
Yarn:  2 skeins of  Wandering Cat Twinkle Cat DK
Needles:  5mm
This was a nice easy relaxing knit, and not so big that I couldn't knit on our drives.
The silk just gives it that little something extra and the sparkle is not over powering.

I'm home for the rest of the week so I think I'll be in the studio whipping up some new colours, and maybe getting some socks finished.