31 December 2006

New Year, New Look

I too have switched to the new blogger. Once I figured it out it is so easy to post, change colours, and it's uploaded instantly.

30 December 2006

Knitterly gifts & Christmas all done....

I know it's time to take down the tree when the cat starts nesting in it. They act like they've never seen a tree before. So after a week of hearing the decorations tinking together down it came.
This is the help I got.

It's amazing how no one is around when all the putting away and cleaning up has to be done.

So on to knitterly things. I bought myself a post-holiday gift. A yarn meter! I got some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn mill ends and unfortunately there is only a total yardage count. So now I can wind it into center-pull balls and label the yardage on the balls. It will also come in handy with the leftovers so I know exactly how many yards I have in all those small balls.
We had quite a laugh over it when I mention to Mr. D that it was a Shakespere model just like his fishing gear. He in turn told me that it was a "line counter for fishing line" and some one made a gadget for it to sit on and called it a yarn counter. I think he should of thought of it first, we could have had quite a little business together.

I was reading Wendy's blog and she had mentioned knitting from your stash for the new year.
The rules are easy and you can change them to suit your own situation.
So grab a button.
I agree, it's high time I started using up all the beautiful yarn in my wool room. I have so many projects lined up that I might have to stop cooking and cleaning to get them done.
So first up I'm finishing Top Secret sweater (which isn't so top secret anymore), I cast off the 808 stitches on the ruffle, first sleeve will be done tonight and the second one will be started.

Second, I will finish my Winter Sunset cardigan, I only have one sleeve left to do on it then cut the front steek and do the bands and collar. How long can that take?
The hard part will be deciding which project to start first.

23 December 2006


Yes I am still alive. The last birthday is over and now on to Christmas!
I ordered a post-Christmas gift for myself with my Christmas tips, (and if you were busy with all the holiday preparations and forgot, it's okay to leave a little something in the mailbox after Christmas, your letter-carrier will appreciate it) Amazon said it would be here after the holiday but it came this week.

So the tree is up. ( we had help)

The pies are done!

Top Secret sweater will have no sleeves! It will be temporarily top secret vest. I should have the ruffle done tonight. All 854 some odd stitches of it. I know better than to put time restrictions on myself. It never works out.

And honestly we didn't put her in there because she was misbehaving..... she did it herself.

Merry Christmas everyone!

12 December 2006

2 Down...........

Well 2 birthdays down and three to go.
Momma shared Miss "P"'
pic's modelling her new hat.

I now have the 2 fronts and the back of Top Secret sweater done. Only the sleeves left to do.
I don't know, Christmas is approaching fast. I don't work well under pressure.

Happy 27th birthday to my big girl. (she wants to make sure everyone knows she's the cute one.)

And Happy 29th to my favorite son.

You guys make it all worth while.

6 December 2006

Birthdays first then Christmas.

Not much progress to show. We now have 5 birthdays to get through before Christmas.
I have started the second front piece of the Top Secret sweater, and almost finished the first front of Caitlin.
I did have to stop and knit a hat for Miss "P". She picked the pattern and the colours from gramma's stash.