26 January 2010

Blue Monday.............

I know it's Tuesday but I had these ready for Monday and I just got busy. So here they are several new colours and 2 different bases. Alley Cat and Fat Cat. They're up in the shop now.
ETA: Boy you guys are fast. Some have sold already

22 January 2010

Mother--Daughter day...

Well another busy day off. Valerie and I took a short trip to Julie's today. She had the urge to spend some money and decided on yarn and needles. Then after a lovely lunch together we headed back home to get down to business.
First: Skeining up some more yarn to get ready for the dye pot.
Then it was time to help me get my pattern ready for the shop. I was playing around with the dyes some time ago and knit a hat up that I really loved and thought it was time to share, but I needed boss cat to help with all the technical stuff. So we spent the afternoon teaching this old dog some new tricks.
So here it is now available as a kit in the shop in 4 colourways. You can also purchase just the pattern on Ravelry.
(if you have no access to ravelry, email us at wanderingcatyarns(at)gmail(dot)com and we will get the pattern to you)

Girl Next Door:
4 shades of Fat Cat Chromacolour DK

17 January 2010

A mothers love....

Sometimes being a mother is the hardest job of all. I think the hardest part is letting go and watching them be the person they are. Even when they're adults we still want to tell them what to do and give advice when it's not really needed.

I watched my child muck around in the dye, make a mess, and think to myself (and voice it out loud), "What the hell are you doing"?
She gives me that look of -- mind your own business and let me do what I want.
But, I really had my eyes opened this morning while I was re-skeining our yarns that we dyed the other day and getting them ready to photograph. They are really nice!!!
Job well done, my dear. And even though I may still try and tell you what to do, I do admire your creativity and passion for colour.
Some of these are up in the shop now, and the rest will be up when we get them named.

14 January 2010

Julie's back......

so I can show you the finished Cape Coat. A very easy knit with chunky yarn, I should have had it done sooner but you know............life gets in the way.
So now I have 2 projects on the go....a pullover for Mr D and new sweater for Julie from Jane Ellison. I take some progress pictures this weekend, Mr Weatherman said it's warming up enough to take some shots outside.

Don't tell Valerie, but I snuck downstairs and dyed up a couple of skeins of Alley Cat this afternoon too.

13 January 2010

Boss Cat...........

has got the itch to dye up some more yarn this weekend, so........................I went behind her back and lowered the prices on the stock in the shop to make room.
Shhhhhhhhhh...don't tell her.

7 January 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Mom.............

I finally finished my mom's cowl....last weekend. Only a couple of weeks late.
I had the silly notion that if I started it the day before her birthday, I could have it finished the next day to give to her. It was only a skein of fingering weight, and besides I was on holidays, I didn't have to go to work, I could sit and knit all day.
Who was I kidding?
I think I'm like a lot of knitters, I can picture the finished product and instantly think that time stands still and poof.............it's done. Well, it is a wonderful pattern, and I could have had it done a lot quicker if I had less interuptions, like Christmas.
Pattern: Willow Cowl by Amelia Lyon
Yarn: Wollmeise 100% Sockenwolle, 150g--574yd colour Pfauenauge
Needles: 3.75mm
This is a free pattern on Ravelry and I can't say enough about it. It's well written and a wonderful design. I love the way it sits on the neck. I did 5 lace repeats and used just over 400yds of fingering weight yarn. A perfect one skein project.

2 January 2010

Fresh start............

Happy New Year to everyone.
I know I haven't posted much lately but I had a lot on my plate. Between working and skeining and dying and setting up shop and knitting for Julie, there's not a lot of time to blog. Or maybe I've just gotten slack about it.
So in light of this here is my plan for the New Year.............
I hate to make resolutions for the New Year because I never follow through. I'm just the kind of girl that does things on a whim, as soon as I set goals or restrictions I fail.
So this will be a new year of doing things when I want and how I want, with no pressure, no KAL's, no group projects, no timetables. Just me free as a bird. I feel better already!!!!

I have finished Julies Cape Coat and will take pictures and post them later. And my first project for the new year will be a pullover for Mr D. He's only been waiting for about 4 years and after the present he gave me for Christmas I'd better hop to it.So now I'm of to skein up some more yarn for the dye pot. Can't wait to see what we come up with next.