25 September 2011

Letters from Camp...........

It's nice to be home but man I didn't want to leave camp.
We had a room with a view.

Unlimited knitting.

Classes with some awesome instructors. (Fiona Ellis)
 Delectable desserts.

 Goodie bags for all.
Daring escapades.
A little bit of nature.

 and lots of wild & crazy knitting women.
Thank you Julie and Beth. We had an absolutely wonderful time.

22 September 2011


We'll be updating the shop Friday morning around 11am with our Wicked Series Self Striping yarn just in time to send out for Hallowe'en knitting.

Then BossCat and I are off to Knit Camp for the weekend, and if we're not having too much fun, we'll post some pictures.

11 September 2011

So what's new........

Things are going well in the dye studio, BossCat came yesterday and dye up some yummy stuff.  One I will definitely be keeping for myself.
I took a giant step forward and dye a sweater quantity of Top Cat DK for myself and I am totally in love.  I don't think anyone can have too much gray.

My Magpie shawl is almost finshed,

 I just got a little side-tracked with "little Nicky".

My first pair of completed socks, with a couple of minor boo-boos, but hey, I'm learning from my mistakes.

And last but not least, 2 more weeks to Knit Camp, I can't wait.