14 September 2006

Random Thursday!

The Postman cometh!
What's a girl to do!
This lovely package came today, courtesy of ebay! I think Miss P will look smashing in Denim blue.
(must knit faster--- stop blogging and get knitting)

Shelagh is coming along, just not fast enough. I'm at
18 1/2" and need to go to 24". Then onto the sleeves. I keep reminding myself that I am knitting the back and fronts at the same time so of course it's taking longer.
(must keep knitting---stop blogging---go and knit)

I almost forgot, here's a picture of my sewing machine for Samantha. Cadillac eh?


Samantha said...

Gotta love ebay!! :)

Yes, indeed, that is a Cadillac ... But wait, if that's a Cadillac does that mean my sewing machine will be a FORD? Eeeeew. *wink* That puppy has waaaaaay too much jazz for what I need. I need simple and straight forward. I know the basics of sewing, I just need something to do it with. Now I need to convince Michael ... he's going to ask "what do you need another hobby for?" LOL I wonder if I can bribe him with promising to fix his pants pocketses?!?!

sue said...

Love the ebay purchase, and the denim color looks great. I see you have a sheepie tape measure too. I just bought one the other day, but havent used it yet. Arent they just so cute.

Rhonda said...

You're a knitting machine ... need to blog to rest your hands ... then knit more to save your wrists ... and now you're sewing? Wow, when do you sleep? hehe

Wannietta said...

aren't you just the busy little bee? Sheelagh's looking sexy & I'm sure that Miss P will love a new sweater. Amanda is pouring on the guilt that I' haven't made her anything lately - despite having bought yarn. Argh!

Alisha said...

I love the denim color yarn as well. It will look great all put together...can't wait to see.

Sam, that is a better gig than I have....color me jealous!!! I am thrilled your venturing into the dark side of knitting ~insert evil laugh~

Jenn said...

Love the yarn!!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Awww, what a great package the postman brought - Ebay rocks, doesn't it?
I really love how your Sheelagh is coming along, it's going to look absolutely divine once you've finished it! Happy knitting!

Dipsy D.