18 October 2010

What's a girl to do...

with a week off of work.   Well, I'm working on my Tea Leaves Cardigan...  Madelintosh Vintage.  Julie is now carrying some of Madelintosh yarns in her store.

I'm actually past the armholes already.
I'm working on Miss "P's" poncho, but it's on hold till I dye up a contrasting skein of  yarn in blue as requested by the little princess herself.  I'm much farther along on this also.
and, I've been trying my hand at dyeing up some self-striping yarn.  You may just see some of this in the shop real soon.
I really don't like having this many things on the go at once, so I better stick to one and get it done.

13 October 2010

My first....

I had a really crappy day at work yesterday, but when I got home I found a package in my own mailbox.
One of Wandering Cat's favorite blogs is Smoking Hot Needles.  I've actually been reading Monika's blog before we even got into dyeing our own yarn, and she has since become one of our favorite customers.
Well now the tables have turned, she has opened her own shop to sell her hand spun yarn.  I've been such an admirer of her spinning and maybe some day I'll give it a whirl myself, but until then you can find her gorgeous hand spun here, and I must say I absolutely love this yarn, and will treasure it for a long time.
I even think I've found a pattern to do it justice.  So if you love eye candy, and just some good old stories about 2 silly dogs pop on over to her blog and check it out.
Thank you Monika, I LOVE it.
I almost forgot the kids came for Thanksgiving turkey on Sunday and Miss "Robo" modeled her gorgeous sweater for us.

6 October 2010

Another long weekend coming...

and guess what we have!   Barn Cat. 
These are just a few lovelies we'll be putting in the shop on Saturday.  I'm not quite sure what time yet but you can check here or on our Rav group as soon as we know.