27 March 2006

Got Mail!

Nothing like getting a box of yarn in the mail. This box of 18 balls of Wool Gatto was purchased from Carissa's stash sale for a mere $60. What a deal.

Now I have to get moving so I can use it. I have one Jaywalker finished and the other started.
I have one sleeve and the collar left for Julie's sweater. And she also asked me to make another hedgehog and felt hers.

Oh, and I started my cable and lace sweater. I also have to think about finishing my Winter Sunset cardigan. One sleeve and the front bands and collar to do.

There just isn't enough hours in the day. Good thing hubby's cooking tonight!

Almost forgot the cuteness factor!

20 March 2006

Decisions, Decisions!

Salsa (a.k.a. Curry) is done! He will be joining the others on the back of the couch till I can figure out where to put them.

I did find a cat who really enjoyed the cat bed. Duece came for the weekend and loved it so it went home with him.
He was a little shy at first, but warmed up before he went home.

I received my Classic Elite pattern bookBoathousetoday. Looks like I'll be starting my new Cable and Lace sweater. I have someDebbie Bliss cotton cashmere just waiting for it.

15 March 2006

Sad Disappointment!

Mr. Tibbs' felted bed! Dried and empty. All my hopes and dreams dashed. He won't go in it. He just looks at it and lays beside it. I even put a pinch of catnip in to intice him. NADA!

Now it's just decoration for a hedgehog.

But wait! Could that be Russell taking over? Only problem is he's too BIG!

Oh no! Look who's jealous!

Do you think Mr. Tibbs has had a change of heart?

Looks like maybe I better make another one. Extra-Large!

12 March 2006

Another week done!

Where does the time go! I did get alot accomplised this week though. The hedgehogs got their faces on. Thank you Valerie. She did a great job.

Spice hog is waiting to be felted. I think his name will be Curry. The fun fur my daughter picked out knits up in stripes so his back is different than the others.

I started a cat bed with leftovers because I have been promising Mr. Tibbs a bed for awhile now. He has a thing for natural wool. When my back is turned or if the door of my wool room is left open you can see him running down the hall with a ball in his mouth. I can always find one under a bed or the couch. His little way of telling me to hurray up.

And besides he's been a little put out since you know who moved in!

And I almost forgot. Guess who came to dinner? Again! Yar Matey!!!!

6 March 2006

We Three Hedgehogs.......

Well, these were alot of fun to make. Quick and easy. You can easily make one in a weekend.
Pinky is made with Nature Spun and Multi Fizz,
Avacado (my daughter Valerie knit) is Patons Classic and Fun Fur, and the third one is Lamb's Pride and Dollar store yarn, my daughter snuck into the house.

Once they're dry we'll put on the eyes and noses, stuff and sew up.

You can get the Fiber Trends pattern and yarn at the Needle Emporium . Guaranteed to make you smile.

2 March 2006

Did They say Pink!

This is what happens when you take a 2 year old and a 26 year old (going on 6)
to the wool store and let them pick out your yarn.
A pink hedgehog.

Of course this is prefelting. I'm making another one with some leftover yarn, which I'm sure they will say is boring.
I'll felt them together and then I'll post the finished photos, and let others decide.

Thanks for your help Julie!

On another note I have the collar finished on the cardigan for Julie's customer and will sew it together tomorrow. Photos will follow.