27 January 2011


I finished Miss "P's" Watermelon socks this morning, and I must say I love this yarn.  I made a ladies small because this little lady is growing so fast I can't keep up, but I didn't even use half the skein.
So that means there's more than enough leftover for the "Robo Baby" too.
Pattern:  Just a plain old Vanilla Sock of 56 sts
Yarn:  Abi Grasso's Watermelon Striping Sock and Regia (black) for cuffs, heels and toes
Needles:  2.5mm

So now I got myself involved in a couple of KAL's on Ravelry, one is just project goals for 2011 which I've already made some progress and the other is a sock knitalong for Non-Vanilla socks. So this gives me a chance to go through the gazillion sock patterns I've always wanted to knit and I can use my stash of Wandering Cat Yarns.
But first I think I'm getting back to my Tea Leaves Cardigan tonight, the body is almost done. 

15 January 2011

First Cat of the year..

I finished my first WCY project this year.  My favorite pattern, No Purl Monkeys.  I love how this pattern just seems to zip along and after doing one pattern repeat, there's no looking back at the pattern, it's burned in my memory.  These ones were dyed in our Barn Cat base and they're self striping.
Even though it's more work to make the self-striping yarn, I absolutely love the way it stripes with no effort.

I'm going to go through my unusually large collection of sock patterns to see what to knit next. I'm thinking something with some cables perhaps.  Boss Cat dyed me up some Alley Cat today, but you'll have to wait to see what she did. So if you're up to it, come on over and join in the KAL, for inspiration and yarny prizes.

In the meantime I started a pair of socks for Miss "P", I promised she was next to get some some socks. It's not WCY, but another indy dyer who's work just amazes me. I'll give you all the details when I get a little farther along, or you can just check out my project page, if you can't wait.

1 January 2011

Happy New Year....

and hopefully this one will be a good one.  I have set some personal goals, which I don't normally do, but I think it's time to make my list and stick to it.
I always get the urge to join all these KALs, but never seem to stick to them. So, this year, starting NOW, will be the year I will do it.  Since Boss Cat and I have all this pretty yarn, we decided to set up our own KAL over at our Rav Group.  Everyone is welcome to join, and there will be prizes. It's only for 3 months, so you have lots of time, and even if you only get one item done, your entered in the draws. All you need is some needles, a pattern, and a skein of WCY.
And if all goes well, maybe we'll do another.
Tomorrow afternoon we'll have some new yarn up in the shop. We have some Big Cat, Stray Cat, Twinkle Cat and our new Bamboo blend "Jungle Cat".
Here's a little peak, but Valerie took this one home with her.