24 September 2006

Working weekend.

The tree removed.

The Crew.
Tree moved to new location.

Lovin' the dirt.

She's no help.

Gramma's job.

One sleeve finished, the second started.

She figured out Gramma's got the easy part.


sue said...

Your granddaughter is so cute, and it seems she likes helping out a lot too.

Samantha said...

What a job!! The Mister and the little Pee did a great job. :) Doesn't Lady help carry the fallen sticks? That's what Cybil helps with. LOL

Alisha said...

Cute little granddaughter you have there.

That is a darn big tree to have moved. I think I would have left it and knit instead....probably why it is a man's work LOL

Rhonda said...

What a cutie your granddaughter is!