30 July 2008

Holy lightning bolts Batman........

There's nothing quite like having to work outside in a thunderstorm.......lightning flashing over your head while your delivering mail to metal boxes........I'm soaked to the bone.

But now that I'm home safe and sound, my wrinkled fingers and toes drying, I think I'll sit with my Timmie's and knit, knit, and knit.

Here's a little peak at our dye job.

We'll definately be doing some more of this!!!!

I almost forgot...when you can't buy wool, the next best thing......Namaste!!!!

24 July 2008


Although I love those dark earthy tones of green, this little sweater has grown on me. I just finished this one up for the store. All the yarns and book can be purchased there. I think the top-downs' are becoming my new favorite patterns.

Pattern: Top Down for Toddlers by Cabin Fever

Yarn: Naturally Loyal 8 ply/DK 100% wool machine washable 6--50g balls

Needles: 4mm circs

And this one, I can only take credit for half of it. I finished this one for a customer. Same book same needles.

Yarn: Naturally's Magic Garden Buttons Wash & Wear DK & Fun Fur

And on the non-knitting front, if you're looking for some unique one of a kind jewelrey, take a browse through Wandering Cat Studio's Etsy shop.

And now I'm off to skein up some yarn!

20 July 2008

Girls gone wild....

The results of our yarn dying yesterday. This was alot of fun. As you can see somebody doesn't like to follow the rules and wear gloves, (she's always been like that) I think it's her free spirit or she just doesn't like to listen to her mother.

This one is for you Samantha.....remember that lovely dishcloth you knit for her. All the rules-- right out the window.We did end up with some nice colours. And now seeing them on the yarn, I have some more ideas for next time.

So while they're drying, I finished sewing on the buttons for the baby set I knit for a co-worker. She picked the pattern and the yarn came from my stash.

Pattern: Sirdar Snuggly Book of Baby & Toddler Knits 3-6 mos

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly DK colour 0399 4-50g balls

This pattern is from Book #282. I only modified the hat. Instead of knitting back and forth I did it in the round and made I-cord ties. I would definitely think about doing this one top down and with no shaping on the lower section. All in all not one of my favorite knits but it did go quickly.

15 July 2008


I'm just finishing up a couple of items for Julie and I'll post them when they're done. In the meantime......some of my lastest pics.
Miss "P" and Grampa weeding the garden. Children are good for something!
Baby sister doing her thing.
Awesome spider shot. I found this little guy blowin' in the wind yesterday. (I love this camera)
And I got my moo cards.Unfortunately I had to upgrade Flicker to a pro account so I could keep posting pictures on Ravelry and you get 10 free moo cards. (It's amazing how fast 200 shots add up and you can't add anymore.)

2 July 2008

I'm back....

You really notice how much you miss your computer when it's down. But, my computer guru has me back up and running (something about a nasty virus I picked up). And Bell has finally given me a new modem (only been waiting for 2 years).
So onto to knitting news:
While I was down, I finished Baby "R's" new blanket. The story behind this one is, I started it several times (not this pattern but the blanket). I had several balls of Sirdar Snuggly Magic Stripes in the stash and it kept telling me to crochet a ripple baby blanket. I really had the urge to crochet, I don't get it too often, but this yarn was screaming "CROCHET Ripple". How could I refuse? So after days of searching for the right pattern, 3 attempts, and 3 times ripping out, being totally frustrated, wondering why I was'nt liking this blanket, my wise and wonderful daughter looked at me and said "Mom, that's because you're a Knitter with a captial K, not a crocheter"!!!
Geez, why didn't that occur to me? So while I was searching Ravelry for that one perfect crocheted blanket, I came across this one:
Rippled Baby Blanket (rav link), and if you aren't a member of Ravelry you can find it here.

It's a great pattern, the only thing I found wrong with it was on the second and forth rounds of the pattern repeat, the count is off by 2 stitches, so instead of k2tog 3x, you have to k1, k2tog 2x, and that way your ripples all line up evenly.

I will definately be making this one again.