27 April 2010

Soft as a kitten...........

I put all of "Boss Cat's" Fluffy Cat in the  shop today. I must say she did do a good job without me, but I did notice a few splashes of dye on my brand new walls.  She'll never change. She's still a messy child.  I keep telling myself, it's just her creativity coming out, but I know in my heart, she's just plain old messy.
I will say, I love this bunch. She did 2 of each colour in semi-solids, so there's enough to do a fair sized shawl. There's Winter Wheat, Rumpelstiltskin, Pink Pearl, English Ivy, Morning Glory, Topaz and Brick House.   And seeing as she left me no Fluffy Cat to dye I did the last of the Slinky Cat.
This is Mint Julep.
 And this is Black Watch, but this one has gone into my personal stash, for a pre-planned project.

23 April 2010


The new colours are up in the shop now.....
Slinky Cat in Marigold, Powder Puff, and Sugar Plum Fairy
Fluffy Cat in Avalon, Aurora, and Sky

There is also more Fluffy Cat drying (because someone had to be a piggy and dye it all by herself). It will be up in a few days.
We're still waiting for our shipment of Alley Cat and House Cat and as soon as it gets here we'll be back in the studio.

21 April 2010


IMG_7978, originally uploaded by redknitz.

Boss Cat and I had an impromtu dye session this afternoon. It started off with 2 skeins to be over-dyed and then it became more. We're just waiting for our other shipment of Alley Cat and House Cat to arrive, then look out. Who knows what'll happen.

12 April 2010

Ready to go....

Well the studio is ready to start dyeing in, now we're just waiting on our base yarns and a couple of back ordered dyes.  Boss Cat snuck in on Friday and did a few skeins of Top Cat up when I wasn't looking. They should be up in the shop as soon as I get a hold of her to get the go ahead. (I'm not sure which ones she's keeping).
Into the Deep

Jiminy Cricket
Fairy Dust

On another note, I have the baby blanket almost finished, and I started a sock in our Stray Cat Sport.  I normally knit socks with fingering weight, but I've been dying to try this base. I found the perfect pattern on ravelry....Duckies.( Did I mention it's a free pattern.)
So cast on I did, and I knit the whole cuff in one evening. And it's everything I thought it would be. Soft, squooshy and just a little thicker than I normally wear, but I wanted the warmth.

10 April 2010

Moving in.....

we started moving in to the new studio.  It's amazing how much stuff you seem to collect over the years, and how small your room really is when you get the furniture in it.  But this will do nicely.
Mr "D" outdid himself. I think Boss Cat and I will be very comfortable here(as long as she not too messy).
I'll have some new photos tomorrow of some Top Cat that Boss Cat dyed yesterday.

And on the knitting front, I finished the scarf for Julie that will be at the Knitter's Frolic in May.
Pattern:  Barb's Koigu Ruffle 
Yarn: Prism Saki colour Ginger
Needles:  4mm

The biggest hurdle was casting on the 648sts but I put a marker at every 100 and that made it a lot easier.  The yarn was a dream to knit and it only took just over 300 yds. So a perfect one skein project.
Now I'm back to finishing the baby blanket, Julie's sweater, and fighting the urge to cast on for my new cardigan.  It never ends.

5 April 2010

The aftermath.....

This is what happens when Boss Cat leaves me alone too long...with time on my hands.
Some new Slinky Cat Fingering:  Mystic Forest, Blue Jean Baby, and Green Eyed Lady.  I really love dyeing the greens and blues.
I took a picture in the sunlight too, and the silk content just sparkles.

Some more Stay Cat Sport:  Candy Girl, Mermaid Treasure, and  Dusk.
I just re-skeined, photographed and popped them in the shop this afternoon,  I really had a hard time photographing Dusk, it's over-dyed and has underlying shades of lavender and green and light blue, and the camera just doesn't do it justice. I may just have to knit it myself.
And on the knitting front, I have half of Julies scarf  knit and I have one more day off work, so I'm thinking if I get to it, I can have it done tomorrow.

4 April 2010

Happy Easter....

 What more could a girl ask for....perfect weather for silly girls.....

 New books and crayons to colour with.....

And messing up Gramma's house and not getting in too much trouble.
And the day after is gramma's quiet time, breath in, breath out.

The weather is perfect again. So Ladydog and I sat out side and watched the laundry dry with a few more skeins fresh from the dye pot.  We should have our new shipment of yarn coming in the next couple of weeks, so I been daydreaming of new colourways, and actually writing some of the more popular colours down so we can re-create them.

The studio is also ready to start moving into, so that will be the next thing on my to do list.
I also started a new scarf for Julie, for the Knitters Frolic in May.  It's a gorgeous ruffled scarf knit with fingering weight yarn. I kept putting it off for the last couple of days, because you have to cast on 648 sts.  But they're on there now an we're motoring right along.  I'll post the details when it's done.