25 May 2011

While I'm working......

 this week Mr. "D" is at home for the week. He usually does a little around the house and spends the rest of his time fishing. Today, this is what I came home to, his annual reseeding of the back yard, and he has to come up with some kind of deterrent to keep the Lady dog off of it. Last year it was some kind of netting that the DOG ended up jumping through several times, so this year he decided to do something a little different.
Check this out.........I feel like I'm living at Green Acres.

23 May 2011

A Perfect end..........

to a perfect long weekend.
There were no plans for long drives to far away cottages on this first long weekend of the summer season, just a nice quiet relaxing one at home.  Between the endless roar of lawnmowers throughout the neighbourhood, you could still hear all the sounds of mother nature coming through loud and clear.
Morning Doves, Blue Jays, endless Sparrows and the odd little Finch.  There were winds howling, sun shining, thunder rolling off and on, the pop, whistle and crack of fireworks every evening and one sad Lady dog hiding in the closet most nights.
I wound up yarn for stripes, I dyed yarn for future projects, and I packaged up yarn to ship out to other knitters.  In between all that I managed to get some knitting done on 3 different WIP's.
Mr "D" ended off with a couple of roast chicken breast with stuffing, summer squash and sweet potatoes. What more could a girl ask for.
I think I found my "Rapture".

20 May 2011

Have you ever.....

had one of those days, when all you could think about was getting done work and just going home.  That was all I could think about all day.  It was a long one with over-time but at least we had some warm sunshine, NO RAIN.
So with the long week-end here, my thoughts are only about knitting and dyeing. Tomorrow is supposed to be a fine day in S. Ontario so I think I will take full advantage of my back yard deck and lots of tea and knitting.
Last week-end was a rainy miserable one and Mr. "D" and I spent Sunday driving around and hitting some of our favorite antique shops.  I had no plans to buy anything but Mr "D" found these in a corner and I couldn't resist.

They are from the Canada Spool & Bobbin Company Ltd Walkerton Ontario and they'll make great sock blockers, they even have the sizes stamped on them.

14 May 2011

What's New....

you ask?   BossCat and I have finally gotten around to dyeing up some of our Top Cat MCN in DK weight.
We've been sitting on it for awhile, because we were talking about dyeing it just for ourselves and then decide if we would stock it in the shop.  
Well, we haven't had a chance to knit any yet only because we're too busy fondling it and imagining it in a sweater. So I took it upon myself (executive decision) and dyed up a little for hats and mitts so everyone else could see how scrumptious this yarn really is.
And on the knitting front, I've started a new cardigan for Julie....more on that later when I get a little further, and BossCat and I are working on a top secret project that we just can't reveal at the moment, but we'll let you know very soon.
If you don't hear from me for a couple of days (I know that's not unusual), I haven't gone far, I'm just in the studio playing with colour.

4 May 2011

Summer Stitch-a-long!

Boss Cat and I had so much fun with out last KAL at Chez Wandering Cat, we've decided to start another one for the summer.  I think summer is the best time for knitting socks, they're small, generally knit up quick, and you can work on them comfortably in hot weather.
But we know not everyone likes to knit socks like we do so, we've decided to include any project as long as it starts with "S", and knit with WCY.
So here are the details and obligatory "Cat in Knits" picture:

Wandering Cat “S”ummer “S”titch-a-long --Dates: May 23rd- September 5th 2011.

Projects must be knit or crocheted in Wandering Cat Yarn.

Project type must start with the letter “S” (ie socks, shawls, sweaters, stoles, scarves, skirts.. even snails. If it begins with an “S” - you’re good!)

Projects must be completed between May 23rd -- Sept 5th, but can be started before May 23rd.(so if you have already started something as long as it is finished on May 23rd or after or after you can enter it.)

Tag your projects with yearofthecat

Each completed project = one entry. Enter as many times as you like

FOs that are also knit from a Wandering Cat pattern will get an extra entry.

There will be three prize kits, drawn at random from all entries.

Shawl Prize Kit - Any Wanderingcat or redknitz shawl pattern, and enough yarn to complete it. Yarn base is in weight corresponding to pattern, but is choice of winner (from bases in stock at the time) - custom dyed to semi-solid shade of winners choice.

Sock Prize Kit - Any Wanderingcat or redknitz sock pattern, and enough yarn to complete it. Yarn base is in weight corresponding to pattern, but is choice of winner (from bases in stock at the time) - custom dyed to semi-solid shade of winners choice.

Stripey Prize - A custom dyed (winner’s choice of two colours) self-striping skein in Top Cat, Barn Cat or Alley Cat.

So.... if you want to join in the fun - come join our Ravelry group!

1 May 2011

What a Frolic....

It was a perfect day, sun was shining, Boss Cat was driving, and I got to knit on our way to Toronto.   After a few wrong turns, and giving her a hard time about not wanting to take the GPS, seeing a few parts of TO I've never seen,  we finally got to the Frolic.
The place was crowed,  but we did manage to snag a few things.

Some Eucalaan wash, Heel Cream from Soak, 2 Japanese stitch books from The Needle Arts Bookshop, 2 skeins of Willow Street Silk in Pussy willow, and 2 unexpected skeins of Malabrigo sock, one which was a gift from the Boss Cat for Mother's Day.
I also got an Indigirl pattern "Every Last Yard"  from Julie's booth, but not the yarn.

  She's getting a new shipment of Madelentosh  in this week so I'll pop in and pick some up.  She had so many gorgeous colours it was hard to make my mind up anyway.
Now, I'm just finishing up Halett's Ledge for her, and then I'm back to some of my projects that have been put aside.