28 February 2010

Calm after the storm........

What a gorgeous day! After all the snow we've had in the past 2 days, it felt like spring today.
Lady dog and I took off for a walk this afternoon, just to enjoy the sun and to take some pictures. I'm telling you, small town living is the way to go.
I get to look at all this when we go for a walk.............

A couple of geese.......
We even have some talented artists in town. Smithville is famous for our Annual Poultry Fest every summer, so these neighbors decided to celebrate early. It's so cool.
Even Lady dog can't get enough snow. The more the better. I swear she's worse than a 5 yr old.
And during this wonderful snowstorm, "Boss Cat" decided to dye up some new yarns without me. Can you believe that? Reminder to all you parents........take away house key when child moves out!!!!!
These will be up in the shop sometime this week. So check back.

18 February 2010

New colours...........

What can I say............I had to let Boss Cat mess around with the dye again.It's all up in the shop now. We now have a new fingering weight Slinky Cat.........50% SW merino/50% Silk. We also did some Fluffy Cat, Fat Cat DK, and my favorite....Alley Cat.

These 2 Fat Cats will not be going in the shop. They were specially ordered by "Miss P", for gramma to knit 2 hats.
She asked for "Stinky Pinky Black" for Robo Baby, and "Meany Greeny Black" for herself.
I'm still wondering about the meaning behind her colourways.

16 February 2010

Takin' a break........

I had to take a break from the cable monster for just a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love cables, I am the"Cable Queen", but it just seemed like I was not making any progress.
My Lil' Boy Blue was calling me....it said I only have a few weeks left, so get a wiggle on. The body is almost done and I'll be on the sleeves shortly, but I had to post a progress pic, because I love our Fat Cat DK.
Once this is done I'll be working on writing up the pattern. I love top downs. I also have some more Fat Cat in the back room waiting to be skeined up and photographed, so it should be in the shop soon........we'll keep you posted.

12 February 2010

Friday is Dye Day.............

Well, it was another Friday for dyeing up some yarn. Boss Cat came over and we spent the whole afternoon in the basement with the dyepots. We have a new base yarn of 50/50 Merino and Silk we're trying out, and I think I'm in love. Boss Cat may love her Fluffy Cat, but momma cat loves our new Slinky Cat fingering. We're also trying some superwash worsted, so we'll let you know how we like it.
We'll have an update as soon as they're dry and re-skeined, but I think it's going to be hard to put these ones in the shop.

This one is Fat Cat in Lil' Boy Blue. I dyed it for my own personal use. A young friend at work is having her first baby, and I wanted something special. So, I'm going to try and work on some baby stuff in between Julies pullover, because I only have about 8 weeks left.

7 February 2010


Here's a photo (finally) of the project I'm working on for Julie. It feels like it has taken forever to get this far. The back is almost done. If your looking for some wonderful patterns for men you should definitely check this book out.
Queensland Collection by Jane Ellison

6 February 2010

I know, I know...........

I'm supposed to be knitting, but after my blue mood a couple of weeks ago, I needed some pink.
Every time I think of pink, it reminds me of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. You know the 9 Lives Tour (several years ago now).
Boss Cat got tickets to go, then unfortunately, her best friend decided to get married that day.
So guess who got to go!! 2nd row right at the edge of the stage.
So in honor of Steven Tyler, I give you.............Pink.And a few others, that decided to join in. They're all up in the shop now.Tomorrow, I'll post some pictures of the new project I'm working on for Julie.

1 February 2010

Un-productive weekend........

It all started when my laptop went kaput.......so my computer guru took it off to repair.
Nope.......no go. So I got all pumped up to buy a new one, and he called and said it was fixed. I was in heaven. All it was was going to cost was a couple of bucks and a bottle of wine.I went to pick it up............and it was down again. So, you know what comes next, let's go shopping.
So I'm back up and running, with a shiny new laptop, and I came home to a lovely surprise.
My girls came to visit. And you know what that means........no knitting (for me), popcorn, movies, and a lot of silliness.
Now it's time to get down to business.