29 January 2006

Very Happy Husband

No knitting news is bad news. This weekend hasn't not been a good one for knitting so far. Friday I worked 4 extra hours, and a couple extra hours of computer work, and then my favorite girl came for a visit. We got Jen back on track with her knitting and I did manage to knit about 6 rows of Julie's sweater.

This morning was a visit to the periodontist and I did manage to get a little done on my Jaywalker sock while I waited, (almost 1 hour) I'm just about ready to start the heel. Then on the way home my husband decided to stop at a nearby farm and guess what he did.

We are now the proud owners of a 9 week old black lab. We haven't really decided what her name is yet. The only one I can come up with right now is "Stinky". She is definately getting a bath tomorrow. (and no Valerie, we are not naming her after some roman or greek goddess or mythical something or other, ya weirdo.)

I almost forgot, I did whip up Nakiskaon Wednesday for a friend and I might even knit one for myself for work. It's quite cute and knits up pretty quick.

I think it's time for a puppy pee. I forgot how much fun this was going to be. Maybe I can fit in and hour or two of uninterupted knit time tonight. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

23 January 2006


I know I've been a slacker but back to work is really cutting into my knitting and blogging time!
I did start a few projects though. One ball of Tussock 14 ply started onJulie's sweater. Straight stocknette stitch. I'm trying not to fall asleep, but it's good to work on if I'm watching a really good movie and don't need to concentrate.

I started a scarf for a good friend. She actually said someday when I had more time she would like to pay me to knit her a scarf. PSHAW!!!!!!!!!!!! This one is going to be a surprise. It's from Jo Sharp Book One and both sides look almost the same so it should lay flat. I had enough yarn left over from Miss P's top down sweater so I'm using stash up too.

Next I didn't like the rib pattern I was doing on my sock so I ripped it out and switched to the Jaywalker sock.

And last, we had a short and I mean very short knitting lesson with Miss P. Her attention span was pretty good but she just didn't understand that we don't stick the needles up our nose!

15 January 2006

Day 5,6 & 7

It's amazing how fast a week off from work can go! The last few days have been catching up on housework, shampooing carpets, and a nice visit from my son and granddaughter.

Her cardigan fit nicely and she even has a little room to grow. After reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's chapter on her grandmother's knitting last night, I hope Miss P remembers this moment fondly. She did keep it on all day and wore it home to show mommy.

Last night I decided to pick up the Winter Sunset Cardigan and get back to it. I figured I got past the hard part of cutting the steeks, (which really wasn't so bad), and I only have one sleeve and the front and neck bands left to do.

But no sneak peaks of the right side till it's done. :0)

12 January 2006

Day 4

This has been a red letter day. My entrelac bag is done.
I bought some inexpensive beads at Walmart that were perfect. Ive been looking at it all day and I think a few more minutes of felting should have been done, but with my experience in felting I'll wait till I have to wash it and it will felt a little more.

I also fixed my daughter-in-law's little accident with her ball of yarn. Oh what a tangled web she can weave. But it's all better now and ready for her to knit with again.

My other accomplishment today was starting the textured rib sweater for my husband. I'm not usually a swatch kinda girl so I started the sleeve. For me this is a good way to swatch, you don't have to rip out if it works and if you do, your not ripping out too much!!

And after reading the Yarn Harlot's blog today about her cat, she's got nothing to worry about.
Look what I have to look at every day! Mr. Relax-O!

Day 3

The weather was lovely for Southern Ontario. 5 degrees cellcius. Not bad for January!

I didn't seem to get as far as I would have liked today but the Raglan Hoodie is DONE!

Yeah.!!!!! I wanted to start something new, but I'm still thinking about it.
Should I start the sweater for the mister, or go back and work on the Winter Sunset Cardigan?
I've also been toying with the idea of ripping out the ribbed sock and doing a different pattern.
So much for progress. I think I'll sleep on.

11 January 2006

Day 2.

Nothing very exciting today. I have made alot of progress on the raglan hoodie. The button bands are on, the hood is finished and now all that is left to do is sew it together. Tomorrow should be a banner day.

9 January 2006

Vacation, yeah!

Day 1:

My dear husband got up this morning and asked if I would like to go to the big city with him. I said, "Sure let me throw my knitting in my bag" and off we went.

First stop Tim Hortons. The weather was fine, our favorite radio talk show on and I'm knitting away. He's done at the store and says "We better get gas and I'm hungry". No worries, I'm knitting like mad. Next thing I know he's going the opposite direction from home, and says "We'll just go for a little drive, what else have we got to do?" No worries, I'm still knitting!

Somewhere on the other side of Elora, a few hours away from home, I am getting to the end of the ball of yarn, and guess what? Yep, I forgot to put another ball of yarn in my bag.
The mister looks at me and says " I guess we have to look for a yarn store."

But living with former boy scouts, I was prepared. I had a ball of sock yarn and 2.5mm needles in the bottom of my bag that I had been carrying around for a month.

The yarn is a marl of black and tones of red, fushia and yellow, but the camera doesn't show them well. I didn't have a pattern either, so I decided to do a 3-1 rib. So add one more project to my WIP's.

8 January 2006

My Felted Bag

Felted Bag Almost Done!



Now I just have to wait for it to dry and sew on the strap. I almost had a catastrophe on the second time of the wash cycle, my tie came off of the pillow case and the bag was loose. Then with all the agitation it pulled the ribbon out of the band on top and it almost felted itself together. Luckily I caught it in time and with a little perserverance I got the ribbon back through.

So, while the bag is drying for a few days, I will be back to the Raglan hoodie which is 90% done. And I have given some thought to starting a raglan rib sweater for my husband that I bought
last January while we were on holiday in Ottawa.

It's from Paton's Classics"Indigo Days".

3 January 2006

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Well another Christmas has passed and another New Year begins. I didn't fair too badly, only one sweater didn't get finished on time, but to a two year old it didn't matter.

I had to make a quick trip to Julie's today to pick up another ball of yarn to finish my Entrelac bag. I'm hoping to have it almost ready for felting by tomorrow nights guild meeting.

Paisley , Valerie and I had a lovely visit to see Samantha and Lily and Owen. The kids hit it off, and Miss P said she would like to visit Widdy again soon! My only regret is we both forgot out cameras. We also helped Vicki with her entrelac bag so she is off and running now. I hope to see alot of progress on it by tommorrow.