31 March 2011


of the snow pictures already. It's pretty much gone and tomorrow is April 1st.  So, to start spring off we're having and update on Saturday April 2nd @ 11am over at Chez Wandering Cat.
We have some new Alley Cat BFL. I've had several customers ask for it so we're going to try it out. And of course before I could get it all dyed up "Boss Cat" snitched one for herself.
So here's a little sneak preview
 And we'll be launching our new Aristocat Singles.  This is a single ply yarn of  40% Baby Alpaca/40% Wool/20% Silk and all I can says SooooooooooooSoft.

23 March 2011

Hello Spring?

I love living in Southern Ontario.  Look what we got today.....


Someone would love to have the snow all year round if she could!!!
 Mr D had to haul the snowblower back out of storage too.

21 March 2011

Coming soon.......

to an etsy shop near you.
Some new Slinky Cat
some new Twinkle Cat Gold
and several new Self-Striping

6 March 2011

These are a few......

of my favorite things.

A snowy day and a silly dog....
A hot cup o' tea........
my Addi Turbos......
and a batch of fresh dyed yarn.

2 March 2011


I can't believe I forgot to post my pictures of Willow.  It's been delivered and absolutely loved. I'm still not sure how I feel about knitting with the Wollmeise, but I am in awe of her saturated colours. I think if yarn was art (maybe it is) I would keep a few I have in my stash forever.