31 May 2010

Shades of Summer............

Well, after our dud of a day at the festival, we've put everything up in the shop.  This is just a small sample of what we updated today.   House Cat Superwash merino.

We've also added some Big Cat Worsted and Fat Cat DK.
The one good thing that did come out of our day on Saturday was uninterrupted knitting time.  I thought it was high time I knit with some House Cat. I've had a skein squirreled away for myself for awhile.
One sock down and one more to go......this yarn is so squishy, and I love the twist too.
Details are on my rav project page.
Now I'm off work for 2 weeks and my main goal is to finish Julie's project.........until our new supply comes in, of course. (insert evil laugh here)

25 May 2010

Going to the show.......

Good News:  Boss Cat and I were a little busy in the studio this weekend.
Bad News:  You'll have to wait to see if any of these go up in the shop after we take them to the Festival this week-end.  With any luck we'll come home with none and we'll have to try to dye them again.

21 May 2010

Happy Victoria Day........

It's the first long week-end to kick of summer so in celebration, Wandering Cat Yarns is offering free shipping (refunded after purchase) on all orders over $50 until Monday May 24th at midnight.

19 May 2010

New Cat in town..............

Boss Cat and I finally got around to dyeing up some Big Cat. It's our Superwash worsted weight and it big and squishy and we will definitely be doing some more of this.  For now there are just a few skeins in the shop.  Port, Aegean, Strawberry Swirl, and Forget-me-Not
 We also snuck in some Stray Cat just for good measure.   Lil' Boy Blue, Kaia, and a yet to be named colour.

16 May 2010

Saturday is dye day...........

Well, this week was the longest ever. But Saturday finally came and Boss Cat and I got busy.  We have a new batch of Alley Cat dyed, dried, skeined up and ready to put in the shop.  Most likely tomorrow.

 I did manage to buy myself a little present with my destash money, one hot sexy new camera. Not that there was anything wrong with my old camera, but I got tired of Boss Cat taking crappy pictures and she got the old one.  So here's hoping she put up some better shots of those naughty cats.

15 May 2010

Everyone's a winner....................

Congratulations Minding My Own Stitches! She gets a sock blocker key chain and gets to choose a skein of yarn from the shop!

And, since there were only a few entrants, but they were so generous, we've decided to give the others a skein of yarn too! So congrats to Smoking Hot Needles and Restless Needles!

With your help Miss Pee was able to raise $110 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Thank you so much!

13 May 2010


I had to post this picture, because everytime I look at it I giggle.  This is our Robo. I really dislike cellphone pics, but this one needed to be captured right away.

Just in case you didn't see Boss Cat's blog we have some new House Cat in the shop.  We're hoping to dye up some Alley Cat and Fat Cat this weekend.

10 May 2010

Miss "P's" Got a Heart......A Contest!

ETA:  Contest closes at MIDNIGHT tonight May 12.  Miss Pee has to take her papers into school in the AM.
Miss Pee is my granddaughter  and you all know how I feel about this little lady.

Right now Miss Pee is participating in Jump Rope for Heart, raising money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. She's got a pretty lofty goal of $350 and we'd love to see her make it.

So, we're calling on all our blog friends to help out - and holding a contest to reward you (and it involves yarn!)

To enter:

Click on Miss Pee's "Fundraising Page" and make a donation (any amount welcome), then come back here (or to Valerie's blog) and comment to let us know you donated.

Donations are being accepted until Thursday, May 13.

On Friday, May 14,Valerie  and I will randomly draw one winner who will receive their choice of any one skein of yarn from the shop, and a key chain sock blocker!

If you help Miss Pee reach her $350 goal, we'll draw for a few extra prizes of Wandering Cat Yarny goodness.

And just so you know, Miss Pee is a knitter too
She learned everything she knows from her grandmother.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

9 May 2010

It must be in the genes......

I think when your raising your children, you wonder if they're paying attention to anything you say (especially teenagers). Especially the one who says "I don't have to learn to knit, my mother will make it for me."
It's one thing when your knitting for small children, and you don't have a job outside the home. You can crank out a lot of child size articles.  But there comes a time when, mommy has to go to work, and her children are wearing adult size clothing.  Mother doesn't have the time do knit stuff for herself, let alone other adults in her life.
Well Boss Cat has come a long way, from that little girl, and realized that she would have to pick up the needles, if she wanted anything hand knit for herself.
So today....Mother's Day....made me realize that children do listen to their parents on some level.
This is what I received for Mother's Day.
Frozen Leaves Shawl, knit with our own Wandering Cat Slinky Cat yarn. I am honored. Thank-you Valerie, it will always be treasured.
And on that note, I also knit a shawl for my mother...
Pattern:  Springtime Bandit
Yarn:  Wandering Cat Fluffy Cat in Avalon
Needles:  4mm

This pattern is originally done with a worsted yarn, but I wanted to use the Fluffy Cat fingering, so I knit 7 repeats of the first pattern and 1 of the edge pattern and used just less than 1 skein of yarn.  I started last Sunday night and finished it this past Saturday.   Just enough time to block and dry it before I delivered it to my MOM.   (Remind me not to do that again.)
I am now returning to previous knitting projects not yet done.

3 May 2010

Just a quick post.....

then it's back to the knitting.  Obviously, I'm not the only one who forgot Mother's Day is only a few short days away, so I promised myself I would stay off the computer and knit till the cows come home. 
I did manage to finish up my socks this weekend, and if you really want a quick pair to knit up as a gift these are the ones.
Pattern:   Duckies (free on ravelry)
Yarn:  Wandering Cat Stray Cat in Grasshopper
Needles:  3.25mm
I still have about 60 yds left from the skein, so you could make the cuff longer if you like.
Now, back to the knitting,....lets see if I can keep to my schedule.