9 August 2006


...back at the farm, things are moving along. The weather finally took a turn for the better, and it's nice to sit outside and knit. The last piece of Julie's Aran is blocking.
Then all that's left is the collar and bands.
I wonder if we'll see it at the Knitter's Fair next month.
(sorry the link is not working for the knitter's fair)

So while I'm waiting I started the French Market bag. In my opinion you can never have enough knitting bags. There's always another project to start and you need a bag to keep it in.
I'm using leftover Classic Merino for the bottom and my daughter so graciously gave me her Naturally Tussock for the main part. Of course I'll have to replace it later. You would think with all my stash I would have something to use but any of the yarn that would felt is waiting for other projects.

Since we had the long weekend just passed, Miss P came to stay on Sunday night instead of Saturday and it's impossible to get any knitting done between chasing her and the "DOG". We had a blast making muffins though. Next time, she wants to make cookies.

And after it's all said and done guess who gets the nap.
Certainly not me.


Samantha said...

The Aran is gorgeous! :) You're right about the knitting bag theory -- one can never have too many. Sounds like a lot of fun with Miss P. :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

mmm I wonder how much dog hair got in those muffins.....

Julie said...

Of course the sweater will be at the Knitter's Fair. It looks amazing.

Rhonda said...

Oh the Aran is going to be beuuuutiful! I loved putting my work into fairs ... use to enter my crocheting & cross stitching when I lived near to a Fairground in NH. Must wait now until I retire ... coz I work too far from the nearest Fair. You'll get a blue for Aran for sure!!

I should be knitting myself a bag ... one for every project sounds just about right to me.