28 August 2006

Wacky Weekend!

This weekend went well. Miss "P" came for our Saturday night special. (sleepover at Gramma's). No pictures because we were just having too much fun to take them. I wish I had taken some of the famous pee dance though. Maybe next time.
Most of my knitting was done on my rib sock, because when "Little Miss Whirlwind" comes to visit, it's easy to just drop and pick up when necessary.

I did manage to get Julies bag finished be fore she arrived.

Before felting.

After felting.

Put together. And all I have to do is find the right buttons. This was a great pattern. The only sewing is to attach the i-cord handles. I probably would change one thing though, I'm wondering if you slip the first stitch on every row if that would make for a tighter edge. It just seemed a little sloppy to me.

I'm thinking maybe wooden toggles.
All suggestions welcome!

Another batch of peach jam for this season.

And 2 good for nothing pets that did nothing to help.


Samantha said...

The bag looks great! Wow! :) You've got a couple of furry twins there ... very sweet. :) Mmmmm jam.

Wannietta said...

I'll 2nd that "bag looks great"!

The jam is tempting - I may just have to put down (or is it up?) a batch or two myself. My personal favourite jam is sour cherry.