28 July 2006

One Hot Knitter!

Well, it's been a busy week. Hot, Hot, and some more hot. But we have perservered, and made a little progress. I thought it was time to get back to my Winter Sunset Cardigan, and at least knit on it for 1 or 2 hours a day if I can. This is what I came home to on Thursday.

Isn't he looking so innocent and cute! Mr. Tibbs just has no control when it comes to wool. I mean I can't blame him, but does he have to leave me such a mess to untangle.

So, most of my afternoons this week have consisted of coming home (after working outside in the heat and humidity), having a shower and sitting on the back deck with a beer and my knitting. You ask how could I possibly knit in this heat, but we have a covered deck, and throw in a few late afternoon thundershowers and then some wonderful breezes plus toss in the lastest episode of "Cast On", and life just couldn't get any better for me.

Well, maybe a few more skeins of yarn to top it off.

I'm half way through the second sleeve of Julie's Aran.

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My friend Samantha is looking for squares for an afghan for a family friend, so I whipped up a couple I found in Sally Melville's book 3,. I mailed them off yesterday , but don't tell her it's a surprise. I didn't tell her I was making some. I even threw in a crocheted one.
Sally has a really neat pattern for the mitered square, and used it in a jacket design. She also did the log cabin block that everyone is talking about.

These are the new stitch markers I made this week.

And last but not least I leave you with dumb dog picture. I don't understand what her fasination with standing on the table is. Doesn't look too bright to me!

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Samantha said...

Shhhh, I won't tell me if you don't tell me. Thank you!! :D That dog is getting huuuuuuge!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

maybe you should just give Niblett his own stash and he'll leave yours alone

Deb said...

I once had a dog who was afraid of spiders- he used to stand on tables! Connection?????

Rhonda said...

I wonder what he's looking at? Do you think Deb might be right about spiders? m-m-m-m .... I do like your necessary drink to accompany knitting on a hot day, LOL!

sue said...

Julie's aran is looking good. You are an obsessed knitter to be knitting an aran in the extreme heat. We are just about to finish winter here so I hope our next summer we do not get a heatwave again. The humidity is awful. Nice squares too by the way, and thanks for the comments on my blog too.

Chloe said...

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Jenn said...

That crazy cat always manages to get into the wool every once in a while. What a little devil!

Rebekah said...

Now that is one great dog picture. Don't you just wonder what goes through their head sometimes.