12 January 2006

Day 4

This has been a red letter day. My entrelac bag is done.
I bought some inexpensive beads at Walmart that were perfect. Ive been looking at it all day and I think a few more minutes of felting should have been done, but with my experience in felting I'll wait till I have to wash it and it will felt a little more.

I also fixed my daughter-in-law's little accident with her ball of yarn. Oh what a tangled web she can weave. But it's all better now and ready for her to knit with again.

My other accomplishment today was starting the textured rib sweater for my husband. I'm not usually a swatch kinda girl so I started the sleeve. For me this is a good way to swatch, you don't have to rip out if it works and if you do, your not ripping out too much!!

And after reading the Yarn Harlot's blog today about her cat, she's got nothing to worry about.
Look what I have to look at every day! Mr. Relax-O!


Anny said...

The bag looks fab! Love the beads. It finishes it off nicely :0)

Samantha said...

I love your bag and I love the beads! Did the pattern call for that or did you just add them yourself?

I like your swatch. The mister is going to love it too!

LMAO at Russel!

Jenn said...

Bag looks fabulous!! Thanks again for fixing the yarn. I'm queen of ball "Issues" I think.

That's ball of yarn btw. ha ha

Vickey said...

Your bag looks great. I was thinking something like the bead idea for mine too. It sure beats tying knots.

Julie said...

Your colours turned out well. I will add the bead suggestion to the pattern.

Vickey said...

Do you get royalties for the bead suggestion????? lol

Rhonda said...

Vicky, I don't think I get royalties. I'm just the knitter.