15 January 2006

Day 5,6 & 7

It's amazing how fast a week off from work can go! The last few days have been catching up on housework, shampooing carpets, and a nice visit from my son and granddaughter.

Her cardigan fit nicely and she even has a little room to grow. After reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's chapter on her grandmother's knitting last night, I hope Miss P remembers this moment fondly. She did keep it on all day and wore it home to show mommy.

Last night I decided to pick up the Winter Sunset Cardigan and get back to it. I figured I got past the hard part of cutting the steeks, (which really wasn't so bad), and I only have one sleeve and the front and neck bands left to do.

But no sneak peaks of the right side till it's done. :0)


Jenn said...

Loved P's sweater!! She wore it all night at home too until her bath and then she wore it again today and showed Gramma F too (my mom thought it was awesome) :-)
Thanks for getting me back on track with my knitting about to place the markers for my sleeves. oI should be done in no time and ready to pick up the scarff again (now that my ball of yarn is a tidy ball again).

Samantha said...

The sweater is great! Owen said "look she has a hoodie!!" He's so cute, in my ever so humble opinion. *lol*

Vickey said...

OMG!!! P looks sooooooooo cute in that hoodie. She looks like a little Angel.