23 January 2006


I know I've been a slacker but back to work is really cutting into my knitting and blogging time!
I did start a few projects though. One ball of Tussock 14 ply started onJulie's sweater. Straight stocknette stitch. I'm trying not to fall asleep, but it's good to work on if I'm watching a really good movie and don't need to concentrate.

I started a scarf for a good friend. She actually said someday when I had more time she would like to pay me to knit her a scarf. PSHAW!!!!!!!!!!!! This one is going to be a surprise. It's from Jo Sharp Book One and both sides look almost the same so it should lay flat. I had enough yarn left over from Miss P's top down sweater so I'm using stash up too.

Next I didn't like the rib pattern I was doing on my sock so I ripped it out and switched to the Jaywalker sock.

And last, we had a short and I mean very short knitting lesson with Miss P. Her attention span was pretty good but she just didn't understand that we don't stick the needles up our nose!


Samantha said...

The boring sweater is coming along nicely. I like the colour. Will we get to see it finished at the next meeting or will I have to go to Julie's store to see it?

Lily says to me "knit knit Mommy" but she really just wants to tie knots in the yarn and poke her brother with the knitting needles. Owen occasionally has interest in knitting, but nothing too much ... maybe if the needles were shaped like cars. Hmmm.

Jenn said...

No wonder she was getting into my knitting bag and trying to find something to knit with today.
Oh oh...what are we doing to her, ha ha. One day maybe she be a knitting prodigy.

Rhonda said...

Just like her momma!

Samantha said...

Larry is cute.