26 January 2009

One more sleep...

before I have to go back to work. And trust me, I'm going to use it wisely! I'm getting of this damn computer and going to knit all day (and maybe wash the kitchen floor).
But before I go, I did manage to knit up a pair of socks this weekend for Leslie too. (and the coat fit her perfectly)
Pattern: Plain old 3-1 rib cuff Boot socks
Yarn: 100% Alpaca 2 ply light worsted
Needles: 3.5mm
I almost feel like I cheated because of the heavier yarn, but they knit up in 2 days. I needed a quick fix.
I have about 250yds of this left and I found the perfect pattern for it.
But you'll have to wait, I have to get back to Julie's sweater, I just passed the 11" mark.


Angelika said...

I thought at first this picture was taken at a yarn store, but it must be your stash instead. It's hard to get off the computer sometimes, even it's knitting that is calling you.

sue said...

Wow 2 days to knit up socks. How wonderful. I like your yarn storage holders too.

Jeanne said...

Great socks! I hope you had a nice day knitting!