22 January 2009


I got this monkey off my back! For Leslie at the Farm!

Pattern: Winter Wonderland Coat from Inspired to Knit--Michele Rose Orne
Yarn: 100% locally milled wool, worsted weight 20--50g balls size 40"
Needles: 4.5mm Addi turbos

Things I did not enjoy about the project:
  • Double yarn overs
  • Gussets (don't like the way they pop out at the sides)
  • Bobbles
  • Took way too long to knit. (probably cause I was knitting other stuff too and kept putting it down)
  • Front band (should have slipped the first stitch in each row I think)
  • In general...the whole design.....not my cup o' tea.

But it is done and I can move on!


sue said...

I think it looks lovely. Pity you didnt enjoy knitting it though.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Nice picture (but I like the original version of that song better)

Jenn said...

It does look nice. :-)
Sounds very complex though. I certainly wouldn't have the patience for it.

Wannietta said...

You did awesome Rhonda - way to tough it out!!!

Jeanne said...

It is beautiful! Very impressive that you knit it even though you didn't like it because it looks like a lot of work...great job!!

Samantha said...

It looks beautiful! Hopefully you'll get to knit something you enjoy knitting soon. It sucks knitting something unenjoyable.

Alisha said...

That is beautiful!