6 January 2009


So my next project that was done in Dream in Color Classy....
Meret by Woolywormhead.

I've been looking for the perfect hat pattern for dog walking, but although this is a perfect hat, it still looks crappy on me!!!! My search continues.
As with my last project, this yarn is a dream to knit with and it blocks splendidly. I still have 145 yds left so I may end up with some fingerless mitts.

But back to work... the next project for Julie. ( I borrowed her picture)
This one is 100% bamboo, very silky.
And I'm off to block the back of the sweater coat for Leslie. I have one more front to knit and the side gores. I'll be so glad when this one is done.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The hat looks fine... don't listen to Dad

Angelika said...

I love the pattern for the hat and have it in my queue too. I'm not sure if I look good in a beret, not everybody does, I guess, but they are sure fun to knit.