13 January 2007

It's finally done........

Only a couple of weeks behind schedule but it's finished.

I don't think I'll be doing this one again anytime soon.

Pattern: Tie Front Cardigan, Frost Flower pattern
Shirley Paden design
Vogue Knitting Holiday 2006

Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa/Tahki-Stacy Charles Zarina
100% extra fine merino

Needles: 3-3/4 & 4mm

Beautiful stitch detail. I have always admired the intricacy's of Shirley Paden's designs. Believe it or not it's a 28 row pattern and after a couple of repeats I had it memorized.
Lovely bell sleeves.....

ruffled collared, increased to 808 sts....

The yarn is buttery soft and beautiful to work with.
I don't think there will be an itch factor here.

The pattern called for 12 balls for the largest size, I bought 1 extra just in case, and I only used 10.
The only issues I had with this pattern were the schematics. My gauge was right on but when I blocked the finished pieces the were smaller than what the pattern said.
On the sleeve it tells you to knit to 18" and ending on the same row as the back, but if you follow the schematics it has the sleeve at 16". And the waist and bust measurements are 1/2" larger on the fronts than the back but the hip measurements are equal. What's with that?

After all is said and done, 2 black cats and 1 black dog later, we will be plucking black hair out of this one for a little while, but Mr. Tibbs gives his approval.

Now let's go finish something else!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I didnt realize that was Shirley Paden! Have you noticed that you never, ever enjoy making the sweaters you make for me?
Must be our different taste.
Thank you mommy!

Anonymous said...

it is gorgeous!!!
good work. bummer about the black animals however.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Ooooh that is simply beautiful! I can't even imagine knitting something as beautiful as that one. Nice work!!