27 January 2007

I am a knitting machine....

Today started with finishing off Caitlin.

Once again, I think the right buttons make the difference.
Pattern: Caitlin -- Junior Knits by Debbie Bliss
Size 5-6
Yarn: Dale of Norway Freestyle
8--50g balls
Needles: 4.5mm
The pattern was great, I love the details. The pockets, the bands on the side seams, and the increasing and decreasing at the sides of the cables instead of at the seams.
The only complaint I have is no schematics. I prefer these when I'm blocking instead of using the measurements at the beginning of the pattern.
After that was done I was off to the Needle Emporium to pick up a customer's sweater to finish, and of course you can't go there and not buy anything.
Seeing that I'm trying to knit from my stash I picked up one of the new Noni patterns for a felted bag, a bottle of Soak to wash my new cardigan, and some Heilo for a long past due Kristen toque I've been wanting to make myself for a long time.

This week I started a new pair of socks with my Socks that Rock yarn, colourway Scottish Highland. I decided on the Dublin Bay pattern. This yarn is just as yummy as everyone says. The yarn seems to be spiraling on my but we'll say it's a design feature.

I also started one of my favorite Cabin Fever patterns with yarn from Sheldridge Farms that I bought at the Knitter's Fair in September. It's a wool-cotton blend in DK weight. I've made this cardigan before in Super 10 cotton and has been well worn and it's time for another.
So if you don't hear from me for a little while you know what I'm up to.


sue said...

I love the finished knit from Junior Knits. How many balls of yarn did you use for it. I have the same book but would like to make sure that I dont need more than what it says. I love the tie front cardigan too, just gorgeous. The new green cardi is looking great too, and I can relate to the cat picture taking, my daughter sneaks the camera too for the kittens, but I dont think I want so many pics of them on my blog.

Rhonda said...

Sue,for the size 5-6 I used 8 full balls of Freestyle and they have 80 meters per ball.

Suburbaknitsta said...

The socks are soo pretty. Love that colorway and the pattern is some serious lacy goodness!! Cant wait to see them completed.

Anonymous said...

Knitting machine indeed! The caitlin cardigan is really nice and the buttons make a huge difference.
I am ALL OVER that toque, they have some great patterns. Can't wait to see it finished.
Knit on!

Wannietta said...

The buttons are the perfect complement to the sweater!

You can't go too far wrong with STR. but I do have to say that a spiraling colour change is one of my favourites!!

Samantha said...

Caitlin is gorgeous. The colour, the buttons ... you are a master. :) I love the colour you are using for the Lacey Vee Cardigan. Ver pretty. The socks that rock ROCK!! :)

Happy Knitting!

Kris said...

The sweater is awesome and the buttons are a perfect finishing touch.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

You not only pick out the right buttons, but your knitting is superb! And I always suspect there's knitting going on in the background, hehe. Love the colorway of your STR socks too btw.

Jenn said...

Ohh, can't wait for her to try the sweater on, lol we could sure use it,it's freeeezing right now. Love the look of that felted bag, also can't wait to see the pattern. :-)