23 December 2006


Yes I am still alive. The last birthday is over and now on to Christmas!
I ordered a post-Christmas gift for myself with my Christmas tips, (and if you were busy with all the holiday preparations and forgot, it's okay to leave a little something in the mailbox after Christmas, your letter-carrier will appreciate it) Amazon said it would be here after the holiday but it came this week.

So the tree is up. ( we had help)

The pies are done!

Top Secret sweater will have no sleeves! It will be temporarily top secret vest. I should have the ruffle done tonight. All 854 some odd stitches of it. I know better than to put time restrictions on myself. It never works out.

And honestly we didn't put her in there because she was misbehaving..... she did it herself.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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sue said...

Ooh your pies look so delicious. I love Miss P in the cage with the cat, so cute. I hope that you too have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.