12 December 2006

2 Down...........

Well 2 birthdays down and three to go.
Momma shared Miss "P"'
pic's modelling her new hat.

I now have the 2 fronts and the back of Top Secret sweater done. Only the sleeves left to do.
I don't know, Christmas is approaching fast. I don't work well under pressure.

Happy 27th birthday to my big girl. (she wants to make sure everyone knows she's the cute one.)

And Happy 29th to my favorite son.

You guys make it all worth while.


Jenn said...

LOL Ron's gonna kill me for sending you that picture of him and P with the hair. Paisley says they're "Doodlebops". haha

Rhonda said...

Oh Ms P is just adorable in her new hat! She will be so proud to wear it I see. Oh, and Happy Birthday to all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to all of them! :) YAY!! Owen has his birthday in two sleeps. Can you believe the boy is going to be 1/2 a decade already?!?! :(

The doodlebops are scary. Ron and P look cute. Don't tell Ron I said he looks cute, wouldn't want it to go to his head ... I can still kick his @ss at basketball. LMAO!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm the cute one!!! No one said how cute I am!!!!!!!

sue said...

I love the photos of your granddaughter in the gorgeous hat. Your kids photos are great too.

Samantha said...

You're super cute!!

(by the way, the anonymous was me ... I don't know why it wouldn't let me sign in)

Anny said...

Great hat! I love the multi-coloured pompoms too!

And happy birthdays to those lucky wonderful children of yours ;0)