6 December 2006

Birthdays first then Christmas.

Not much progress to show. We now have 5 birthdays to get through before Christmas.
I have started the second front piece of the Top Secret sweater, and almost finished the first front of Caitlin.
I did have to stop and knit a hat for Miss "P". She picked the pattern and the colours from gramma's stash.


Rhonda said...

oh how cute! FIVE birthdays in December? Whoa ... poor you. At least the bunches I have are mostly in April & September.

p.s. Is that sheep on Teddy's sweater?

Samantha said...

I love that hat! But you knew that, didn't you. Ha ha.

sue said...

I absolutely love that hat. She has great taste in color choosing. Poor you having so many birthdays in December. Ours seem to be in January, March and September. I have 3 in January, each week, and then 3 in March as well. It would be nice if these people could arrange them to spread out a bit!

Alisha said...

Great little hat!!!

That is heck of a lot of December birthdays.