16 July 2006

Too Hot to Move.

Sorry fellow bloggers, but this week has been just to hot and humid to make any progress.
I'm slowly moving along on Julie's Aran and I knit a tension swatch with the Nashua she gave me and I'm still deciding which pattern to use.
Miss Pee came for our Saturday Night special, and she actually let me knit a little, but I had to do it outside while she played in the pool and it was just to sticky to do for too long.
Hopefully this week I can make up for it.


Wannietta said...

I hear ya! The horrible children keep dragging me to supervise me at our neighbours' pool & I just never get quite as much knitting done.

Rhonda said...

My knitting is all "in progress" also. Life just takes over once in awhile, hey!

Samantha said...

I'm there ... the kids want to swim and it's too hot to just sit on the deck and knit while they swim so I end up swimming and no knitting. Hmmm, it sounds like a conspiracy to me.