3 July 2006

Strawberry Jam - 34, Fish-8, Knitting 0

Saturday started of with strawberry picking, then 34 jars of jam, and for dessert Strawberry shortcake with whipcream. Miss P actually picked more than she ate.

Sunday was left for house cleaning and maybe a couple of rows of knitting.

And today was fishing day. I couldn't knit in the boat because it was too choppy.
But we are having bass for dinner.

I could hardly hold them up!

I'll make up for the knitting tonight.
Happy Canada Day weekend.


sue said...

Sounds like you had a very busy and fun weekend. I took my kids strawberry picking earlier this year, but took no pics. Must remember for next year. Your fish look like you will be eating them for a few dinners. Cannot wait to see your knitting too.

Samantha said...

You look like you don't like the smell of the fish. *lol*