5 June 2006

Hooligan Holiday!

So, my thoughts for my first day of vacation.
1. Sleep in!
2. Morning cup of tea on the back deck.
3. Knit, knit, and maybe some more knitting.

But that was just a dream.

1. Husband and dog waking me up a 6:00 am.
2. Morning cup of tea in a travel mug.
3. Trying to knit a sock in the boat while trolling down the river and waiting for the fish to bite.

I did have a nice week-end. My daughter found a
bead store in St.Catherines she wanted to
check out and also found out that they have a
yarn shop 4 doors down. It was quite nice but I just couldn't bring myself to buy something because I have so much sitting in my room waiting. And besides, Julie's "Tent Sale" is in a couple of weeks.

Miss P stayed for our Saturday Night Special (mommy usually works Sunday, and daddy needs to sleep cause he goes in on nights Sunday). She was such a good girl, we went shopping for a life jacket so we can go in the boat fishin', and she went to my parents to visit the sheep and chickens.
I' I'm off to start the BBQ, it's too nice out to cook inside.


Samantha said...

Oooh, sounds like fun! Which river did you go to? Did you take Lady in the boat?
Blogger is being bitchy about uploading pics for me too. Ugh.

Jenn said...

So much for your plan....
Love the sheep photo!!! :-)