30 May 2006

Hot & Humid and it's only May!

The weekend was a busy one. Friday afternoon was girls gone wild. I took my daughter to Julie's to buy an afghan kit. (She's even talking about knitting her own sweater) This is a very big step for her, considering she always said she didn't want to knit because her mommy would just make it for her.
Then it was off to Len's with her and my daughter-in-law Jen , and Miss P of course, to get her some yarn for her next felting project. Looks like I'm the only one not buying yarn!!!!!!
After that I took all my girls out for dinnner, and couldn't ask for a nicer evening.

Miss P showed up on Saturday and got her nails done. So we all did. Apparently safety glasses must be worn for this task.

I found out yesterday that our friend's first grandchild was born. A baby girl named Madison, weighing in at 6 1/2 pounds. I thought I would have another month, figuring that would be enough time to knit a small pram cover. So now I'm on double time. I found a nice ripple pattern in one of my older baby books. Don't you just love how knitting patterns stand the true test of time? This pattern book must be at least 20 years old, and I'm knitting the patterns again for grandchildren now. This is also good for stash reduction!

And for Julie, the cable sweater is coming along nicely too.

Well I'm off to wind some more skeins. Thank goodness for an easy, short day at work and central air when I get home, or no knitting would be getting done.


Samantha said...

It sounds like a fun filled yarn shopping weekend. :) I was in the town of Paisley Ontario on the weekend and couldn't find a yarn store anywhere. Too bad eh? I'm sure Michael's happy about that. :)

The sweater looks great!!! :) I can't believe Val is talking about knitting something grown-up sized! Wow! That's great! She's one up on me!! :)

Jenn said...

It's a long story, but our Paisley is actually kind of named after that town! :-p

Cynthia said...

I love the baby pram cover; I agree with you about old patterns -my mom has some that I will never get rid of because they are so adorable (and I have seen them knit up a few times and know how great they look). The sweater looks great; I love the colour. I will have to think about safety glasses the next time I have a pedicure; that may be a good thing!

Rhonda said...

Old patterns never go grow old. What's old is new again ... that's what they say. I always loved the ripple blankets for babies. And look how ponchos are back! BTW, I love the sweater you're working on.... nice!!