9 June 2006

I'm a Lucky Dog!

Well, 4 days into the vacation and I'm still working on the Pram cover. Only 10 more inches! Seems like it should be going alot faster.
Whenever we have to go somewhere this week I work on the Hedera sock ( one is almost finished) in the car.
And in the evenings in front of the television I'm working on Julie's sweater .

You would think my knitting would go a little faster when I don't have to go to work everyday, but it's not.

One new project is getting done though, Lady is getting a new dog house.
And look, it looks like Mr. D's workshop! The man is a genius.

Lady says"My name should have been Lucky"

Tomorrow we're off to Kingston for a day of fishing. Hmm, how much knitting can I get done on the way there and the way back? Maybe a little in the boat too. Maybe that Pram Cover will get done!


sue said...

Your blanket looks beautiful. Your dog is lucky, and how cute how it matches.

Deb said...

I live in Kingston, and you know that there is more than just fishing here, right? In fact, ther are yarn shops here (imagine!) and one of them (Wool Tyme) is having a sale! Now!

Rhonda said...

Certainly looks like a house for a 'Lady' ... nice work done by the carpenter.

Samantha said...

Lady sure is getting big! Love the doghouse. :) The pram cover looks fantastic. Have fun fishing!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My father is a sad, sad man.... and he won't even let me paint flowers on it!

Samantha said...

Let? Since when does Valerie have to have permission????

Cynthia said...

I have been away for far too long! Love the house; it is too cute! The blanket is gorgeous!