28 June 2006

BB #2 done.

I feel like I finally accomplished something. Baby Blanket # 2 is done. Some days it felt like the baby would be a year old before I ever finished it.

Pattern: Vogue Knitting Winter 91/92
by E. Zimmerman & M. Swansen

Yarn: Stylecraft DK 100% acrylic
150g yellow, 250g white

Needles: 4mm-5 1/2mm

I love this pattern! It's great for a beginner knitter and us more seasoned knitters too. It's all done in garter stitch with short rows, and the lace edge is knit back and forth and knit on to the edge of the blanket as you go.
The possibilities are endless. I kept thinking you could do each section a different colour or even knit each triangle in two colours and end up with the pinwheel block.
The only thing I would change is my needle size. I used a 5 1/2mm so it would be drapey and loose but the next one I think I will use a 4 1/2mm.
Highly recommended.
Meg Swansen also goes on to say that if you fold it in half you end up with a useful shawl too.
Smart woman!

Now back to Julie's Aran , and I leave you with dumb dog picture of the day.
And cute cat picture.


Rebekah said...

I love the dumb dog picture of the day. That's the kind of picture that just makes one instantly smile.

Very nice blankie, I love your hedgehog too.

Jenn said...

The blanket looks great!

Samantha said...

The blanket looks great. Cute dumb dog picture. Looks like something Cybil would do. Is that *both* the cats or is Chuck laying on something other than his little black companion?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

What a lovely blanket

Rhonda said...

Oh I love the blankie ... and I can just picture it draped around a baby.

BTW, the hedgehog is a nice contrast in the picture. Cute!